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48 Doctor of Education Programs 2023


A Doctorate in Education, also known as an EdD, is the highest level professional degree in the field of Education. While both PhDs in Education and EdDs require in-depth scholarly research, EdDs differ from PhDs in that the emphasis is placed on the application of existing research, rather than the generation of original research. EdDs prepare doctoral students for high-level careers in educational leadership, government, administration and other institutional roles.

The first EdD was granted in the United States in 1921.  Since then, the degree has been adopted by several other countries including the United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, India, and Australia. In South Africa, EdDs are awarded as Doctor Educationis (DEd), following the Latin conventions of academic degrees.  In countries that offer EdD degrees, the award is generally equal to that of a PhD, though candidates may be required to hold professional experience prior to beginning an EdD or have different thesis requirements.  For instance, in the UK EdD theses are often shorter than those required for PhDs because EdD candidates complete coursework alongside their independent research requirements. EdDs are not offered at every university, and some universities choose to issue only EdDs, only PhDs or both degrees.

In most countries, EdD programs are designed to prepare candidates for administrative and leadership positions.  EdDs are often specialized in areas like psychology, policy, curriculum, and leadership. Students who complete an EdD can expect to work in positions related to education policy, and will be expected to use their expertise to solve problems and design initiatives.  EdD holders work in schools, colleges and universities, government agencies, private organizations and non-profit firms.

Are you an education student who would like to advance to a leadership position or work directly on policy and directives that shape education? If so, an EdD may be the best degree for your future.

Consider the EdDs listed below.  Click on ‘Read More’ to find out about each program and use the contact form to get more information about individual EdD degrees.

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