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Corvinus University of Budapest International Relations Multidisciplinary Doctoral School
Corvinus University of Budapest

International Relations Multidisciplinary Doctoral School

Budapest, Hungary

4 Semesters

English, Hungarian

Full time

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Sep 2024

HUF 660,000 / per semester *


* per semester


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The discipline of science: Social Sciences

Branch of science: economics, political science


  • World Economics
  • International and Security Studies
  • Geopolitics

Language of the program: English – Hungarian

Name of the doctoral degree obtained: Ph.D. in Economics, Ph.D. in Political ScienceThe Doctoral School is based on the following MA programs:

  • MA in International Economy and Business,
  • MA in International Relations,
  • MA in Political Science

Rethinking Europe Research Group

Scientific and research advisers:

András Blahó CSs, Professor Emeritus

Zsolt Rostoványi DSc,

Research Lead: Dr. Éva Bóka Ph.D., Dr. Habil Honorary associate professor

Research Lead Economics: Dr. Balázs Sárvári Ph.D., Rector of Saint Ignatius Jesuit College; Assistant Professor, Corvinus University of Budapest Email: [email protected]

Associate Researchers:

  • Bálint Czékus, Ph.D., Deputy Head of Mission at Embassy of Hungary, Berne
  • Endre Domonkos, Ph.D., Scientific Senior Research Fellow, Budapest University of Economics, Department of International Relations
  • György Folk, Ph.D., Lecturer, Corvinus University of Budapest, Independent Researcher
  • Csaba Horváth, Ph.D., Scientific Research Fellow, Silk Road Research Group of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • József Lukács, Ph.D., Government Relations, Foreign Ministry, Hungary
  • Rita Pálfiné Sipőcz, Ph.D., Head of Department at Ministry of Finance, Government Administration, Budapest
  • Balázs Sárvári, Ph.D., Rector of Saint Ignatius Jesuit College; Assistant Professor, Corvinus University of Budapest

Aims and research fields:

The aim of the Rethinking Europe Research Group is to rethink the European economic and social organization concentrating on modernization and globalization in a multidisciplinary (historical, economic, geopolitical, and cultural) approach.

The main research fields:

  • History of Europe and international relations
  • The history and problems of European modernity
  • Rethinking colonization
  • The history of the idea of European unity
  • The history of the European Integration
  • The European values and principles (the system of liberties)
  • The economic, political and cultural questions of the European Union (theory and practice)
  • Europe in the world: Relations of Europe (EU) with the United States, Turkey, Russia, East-Asia (China, Japan, and South-Korea), South East Asia (ASEAN), South Asia, South America, and Africa
  • Europe (EU) and the United Nations
  • Regionalism and the reform of the United Nations
  • The future of Europe in the global world

How to join?

The Rethinking Europe Research Group is open to post-docs and Ph.D. candidates of the Corvinus University of Budapest. If you are interested to join, you should send an e-mail to Éva Bóka ([email protected]) with a paper proposal. It should include the title, the abstract, and the contents of the planned paper. The topic has to correspond to the research fields of the Rethinking Europe Research Group. It cannot be the Ph.D. research topic itself in the case of Ph.D. candidates, but it can be related to it. If the proposal is of interest, the proposer will receive an answer with suggestions, advice, and a deadline.

The main field of research of the Doctoral School

  • Theory of International Relations
  • International Economics
  • International Finance
  • International Law
  • World Economics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Regional Economics
  • Theory of Development Economy
  • Regional Studies
  • History of the European Union
  • Economics of the European Integration
  • Institutions of the European Union
  • Civilization – Globalization
  • Human rights, minority protection
  • Security policy
  • Transatlantic Integration
  • Comparative integration studies
  • Geopolitics
  • Regional development, urbanization, and regional politics
  • Global environmental issues


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