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Charles University Faculty of Arts PhD Germanoslavistika
Charles University Faculty of Arts

PhD Germanoslavistika

Prague, Czech Republic

3 Years


Full time

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* Education in the specialty of Germanic Slavic studies is free.


Training takes place in Russian. Education in the specialty of German Slavic studies is free.

Admission exam: two rounds

Content, subject of the entrance examination:

First part

1. Evaluation of the thesis project (max. 15 points)

Criteria for evaluation:

An accessible and clearly formulated project that meets the criteria for a specialty and has minor flaws: 12-15 points

An accessible and clearly formulated project that meets the criteria of the specialty, which has some drawbacks, but in an acceptable form: 8-11 points

Weak and unconvincing project, the chances of successful completion of the project are only hypothetical: 4-7 points

Unsatisfactory project, without any orientation in the problematics: 0-3 points

Second (oral) part (max. 45 points)

1. Specialty discussion on the proposed dissertation project: 0-20 points

2. Evaluation of the achieved professional level and level of education of the applicant: 0-10 points

3. Knowledge of literature in the specialty: 0-15 points

All applicants who have applied are invited to the oral part of the exam.

Exam requirements:

Program accredited in Russian

Proficiency in Russian is required at level B2 (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), that is, the applicant must know the Russian language so that he can read scientific literature in his specialty and attend linguistic and literary lectures and participate in discussions. Entrance examinations are held in Russian. An integral part of the assessment of all parts of the entrance exam is the assessment of the oral response of the applicant. Studying at a partner university also requires English language proficiency at a level of at least B2, so one part of the oral exam will be conducted in English at the applicant's choice.

Recommended topics for dissertation projects:

Higher levels of the language system of the Germanic and Slavic languages (functional morphology, syntax, text syntax, text linguistics, stylistics, lexicology, pragmatics) from a theoretical or practical point of view

The historical development of the Germanic and Slavic languages

Literary theory

History of literature with a focus on the Germanic and Slavic regions

Cultural history with a focus on the Germanic and Slavic regions

Comparative studies

The applicant discusses the selected topic in advance with the chairman of the dissertation council.

Chairman of the Dissertation Council: doc. Mgr. Libuše Heczková, Ph.D. Contact: [email protected]

Website and additional information:


In order to be admitted to a specialty, the applicant must, during the entrance examinations, present a document on his language competence for studying in the relevant program and score at least 30 points and, at the same time, in accordance with the number of points scored, take a place in the order of applicants that corresponds to a predetermined the expected number of applicants for a particular program of study (see Study Requirements for individual programs), and this condition must be met by all applicants who have scored the same number of points as the applicant who took the last place in the order of admission.
The estimated number of enrolled applicants is set separately for full-time and separately for part-time forms of study.
Only applicants who have provided documents confirming the receipt of previous education, no later than the date of their enrollment, can be admitted to training.


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