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Czech Technical University in Prague Ph.D. in Nuclear Chemistry
Czech Technical University in Prague

Ph.D. in Nuclear Chemistry

Prague 6, Czech Republic

4 Years


Full time

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Sep 2024

CZK 1,000 / per year



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The Doctoral Program at FNSPE CTU

The Doctoral Program in Applications of Natural Sciences and in Mathematical Engineering is open to graduates holding a Master's Degree who want to extend their scholarly qualification in a relevant field of study.

The research-oriented program provides in-depth training for a high level of professional competence in the chosen area (see below) and the ability to develop and use independently the professional knowledge and skills gained in research.

Nuclear Chemistry

The Doctoral Program in Nuclear Chemistry is intended for graduates of chemistry disciplines of the master course to extend their knowledge, especially of radiochemistry. In its present form, radiochemistry comprises both extensive basic and applied research monitoring chemical and physicochemical aspects of nuclear transformations, as well as methods using radionuclides to tackle chemical problems of a general nature. Radiation chemistry studying chemical reactions initiated or influenced by the absorption of radiation in both animate and inanimate material environment and their possible uses are also part of this branch of science. Significant attention is paid to methods for separation of radionuclides, nuclear-chemical technologies for processing and storage of radioactive waste, occurrence and behavior of radioactive contaminants in the environment, and uses of nuclear methods in chemical analysis of the environment.

Other useful information

The deadline for applications is usually twice a year and is announced regularly. In the application, the applicant should state, among other things, the chosen study program and considered the topic of the doctoral thesis (also referred to as dissertation).

The duration of the Ph.D. program is four years in the full-time form or five years in the combined (part-time) form.

The application must be accompanied by:

  • Curriculum vitae;
  • Documents verifying previously completed education and professional experience (if applicable). Degrees, diplomas, and documents obtained abroad must be officially validated;
  • A list of published works and other results of professional activity; any form of their assessment would be appreciated.


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