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Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics - University of Maribor

Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics - University of Maribor

Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics - University of Maribor


The Vision of the Faculty

The vision of the faculty is to be the leading educational, research and applicatory developing center in the region studying the fields of Biology, Ecology, Physics, and Mathematics. It also strives to be the leading center for educating future teachers in Slovenia in different fields such as Science, Mathematics and Technical studies.

The Faculty’s Goal

The faculty’s mission is to create new knowledge in the fields of fundamental sciences such as Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Ecology and Educational sciences in Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Technical, Computer and Environmental studies.

A Young Faculty with Tradition

The Faculty of Natural sciences and Mathematics (FNM) was founded in 2006. It came to be when the Faculty of Education broke down into three different faculties. FNM is divided into different departments: Department of Biology, Department of Physics, Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences and Department of Technical Studies.

The faculty carries out many different study programs whose quality is ensured by our excellent academic staff. The faculty’s employees are world-renowned scientists and researchers and with their work, they put the faculty at the top in the field of research. Successful research activities can be seen in our useful and relevant study programs. Further proof of the quality of our academic staff is in student surveys, where teachers at FNM score best. FNM is, therefore, a faculty of great quality that is also most student-friendly.

All the study programs at our faculty were remade to fit the bologna system. Some new programs already start out as bologna. Since 09/10 our faculty only offers new, bologna study programs.


Why Study at our Faculty?

Nowadays, science is growing vastly and is getting a bigger, more important place in our society. Studying science leads to gathering new knowledge that guarantees reliability and long-lasting results. The young are starting to realize again that being well educated in science and mathematics makes it possible to be well employed and to have a great career. Our students have clearly defined goals and life expectations which serves as a great source of motivation for their studies.

Attractive attributes of Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics are:

  • We have a successful tutoring system.
  • Intergenerational help is something we use every day.
  • Students can cooperate in projects while studying as undergraduates.
  • Students can participate in many various extracurricular activities that the faculty offers.
  • Students can gain additional experience while working student jobs in their field of expertise.
  • Students can make use of many interdisciplinary connections in fields of Science, Technical, Medicinal, Economical Studies and can thereby expand their knowledge.
  • At our faculty students are not numbers!

Employment Options

Education in Science and Mathematics enables finding good jobs and making a successful career, especially because there are few graduates who specialize in Science and Mathematics in Slovenia. Employment is possible in industry, banks, insurance agencies, public institutions, schools, etc. Education also enables other self-employment possibilities.

Actual employment options can be found in accreditation applications of individual programs.


Research faculty

The FNM (Faculty of natural sciences and math) partners belong to one of the leading world researchers and the faculty is known by its scientific activities as the very best at the University of Maribor.

The faculty mostly develops researches on the fields of biology, ecology and environmentalism, biophysics, system biology, physics of complex systems, nanotechnology, math, algebra, geometry, topology, engineering, computer sciences, organic chemistry, and educational sciences.

Our students are successfully included in the above-mentioned research activities and projects.



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