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Faculty of Philosophy and Science, Silesian University in Opava

Faculty of Philosophy and Science, Silesian University in Opava

Faculty of Philosophy and Science, Silesian University in Opava


The Faculty of Philosophy and Science (FPS) in Opava started in 1990 as a Faculty of the Masaryk University in Brno and in 1991 it became part of the Silesian University in Opava. Established in the post-Communist era, it had no legal predecessor. The Faculty teaches the subjects of arts (history, museology, archaeology, the Czech language, foreign languages, and library science), sciences (physics and computer science) and one art subject of creative photography. Today there are 14 study programmes for a bachelor's degree, 12 study programmes for a master's degree and 6 study programmes for a doctor's degree. Detailed information about the study programmes can be found in the section Study with us. The last years have been a period of development in the field of science and research for the FPS. The main directions of the scientific progress and research are determined by the research goals that are contained in the FPS‘s statute. The scientific results of the Institutes of Historical Sciences, Physics and Computer Science, which have been published in Czech and renowned foreign journals, suggest a high quality of research comparable to the European standards. The outcome of creative activities of the most important academics of the Institute of Creative Photography is internationally recognised.

Within the framework of scientific progress, there has been a successful development of international co-operation, which includes common solutions of research projects, study stays, lectures and participation in international scientific conferences. Although co-operation with institutions from the Central European countries (Germany, Austria, Poland, and The Slovak Republic) prevails, progress has been made concerning the co-operation with other countries of the European Union, such as Italy, United Kingdom or Slovenia.


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