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Gifu College Of Nursing

Gifu College Of Nursing

Gifu College Of Nursing


The university was opened in 2000 with the mission of contributing to the improvement of the quality of nursing services in order to meet the diverse health, medical and welfare needs of Gifu residents. In 2004 (2004), the master's program of the Graduate School of Nursing was opened, in 2006 (2006), the doctoral program was opened, and in 2010 (2010), it became a public university corporation Gifu College of Nursing. As a higher education institution of nursing, we have proposed creative solutions with theoretical backing based on research activities, and have cultivated and supplied human resources who will be the driving force of reform. Many graduates and graduates are active inside and outside Gifu prefecture.

Nursing is a study that aims to improve the quality of nursing services that support people's healthy lives by providing a theoretical system and scientific basis for the activities of nurses such as public health nurses, midwives, and nurses.

In recent years, the demands of people involved in care have become diversified and sophisticated, and nurses are required to have a wealth of humanity and deep ethical judgment, as well as knowledge and skills in human care.


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