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Gifu College Of Nursing PHD Nursing
Gifu College Of Nursing

PHD Nursing

Hashima, Japan

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Apr 2024

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We will train nurses who can take on the education that gives them the research ability of nursing practice.

Specifically, first of all, as faculty members at universities and graduate schools, we will develop people who can carry out educational and research activities based on the characteristics of nursing practice. Next is the training of practical research instructors who can systematically guide the reform of nursing practice involving complex factors as human resources required in the field of nursing practice.

To that end, we will cultivate the following abilities.

(1) Ability to understand various factors related to places where nursing services are provided, such as health, medical care, and welfare facilities, and to guide research on improvement and reform of practice.

(2) Ability to clarify the issues of nursing practice research related to nursing administration and nursing policy in the prefecture, and to make research efforts for the progress of nursing administration measures.

(3) Ability to grasp ethical issues and make research efforts to improve nursing practice as user-centered nursing

④ Ability to carry out bachelor's degree education (basic education) and graduate education in nursing practice aiming at improvement and reform of nursing practice

After graduation, I hope that as a faculty member of a university / graduate school of nursing practice or a manager / instructor of a nursing care facility, I will promote education and research for reforming nursing practice and contribute to the development of nursing practice. ..

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