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IEBS - Escuela de Negocios de la Innovación y los Emprendedores

IEBS - Escuela de Negocios de la Innovación y los Emprendedores

IEBS - Escuela de Negocios de la Innovación y los Emprendedores


Welcome to our business school, IEBS IEBS, the School of Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship, born during the world crisis with the aim of providing a real alternative to the traditional teaching model alternatives. Thanks to the support of various institutions propose a new educational model based on solid values that form more responsible people to direct projects with an entrepreneurial spirit from Innovation, Ethics, and Sustainability. An innovative concept Business School We train professionals capable of leading innovation and entrepreneurship, people, who add value to their companies, their employees, and to society in general, through a new way of doing business.


In IEBS opt for a formation in which:

  • The use of new technologies and innovation in learning is the basis of training.
  • The use of case studies and simulations are the backbone of education, preparing students to face the real world.
  • The formal classroom learning combined with informal learning Internet teaching you how to learn and foster collaborative learning.
  • the latest trends and innovations incorporated into every area of knowledge.
  • Our teachers become your mentors, guiding and helping the student at all times and becoming an active part of the training process of the student.

The student participates, express their opinions, and learn to analyze and to make their own decisions.

Mission and Vision

We want to be a different school of business that focuses on training based on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Our mission is to train future entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives to lead change and transformation in their organizations through Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Ethics, and Sustainability. In our vision, we want to be a different school of business that focuses on training based on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Our goal is to convey to students the ability to innovate and undertake to support their projects from start to finish.

Our Values

Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Ethics, and Sustainability IEBS sit on the four pillars that we believe should underpin corporate management in the coming decades:

  • Innovation: we are committed professionals and innovative companies that bring greater benefits to society.
  • Entrepreneurship: support entrepreneurs and innovation are part of our founding mission. Therefore, all students of the Master and Entrepreneurs programs can participate in a campus where support and funding to the best projects are provided.
  • Ethics: we are committed to a world in which the traditional values of trust, honesty, and Mutual Benefit recover.
  • Sustainability: we believe in long-term business that provides a benefit to the company, employees, and society as well as being sustainable with the environment.

Social Responsibility

At IEBS we act in accordance with our principles and values and apply to the management of the Business School.

  • IEBS follows the philosophy of sustainable development by replacing the use of paper by the electronic format by incorporating the "e-Reader" or eBook. Students can download content directly to this device.
  • IEBS offers full scholarship collaboration in its Master programs in order to promote entrepreneurship and innovation, mainly in developing countries in Latin America.
  • IEBS allocates a portion of its profits to the cooperation and development of education in developing countries.