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Izmir University of Economics PhD in Experimental Psychology
Izmir University of Economics

PhD in Experimental Psychology

Izmir, Turkey

4 Years


Full time

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Sep 2024

USD 8,500 / per semester *


* Payment method: 3 installments /paid per semester


The main goal of the doctoral training in Experimental Psychology is to provide students with a more elaborate and deeper understanding of human psychology through theoretical and empirical endeavor in core areas of psychological science such as behavioral and cognitive neuroscience, cognition, learning, memory, sensation and perception, biopsychology, electrophysiology, research methodology, statistics, computer programming and brain imaging.

Throughout their graduate study, students will be expected to be actively involved in research. This includes completing a doctoral dissertation. Because of the commitment of the faculty in the experimental psychology program to collaborative, cross-disciplinary research, students often engage in research partnerships with faculty and students outside of their own areas of specialization.

The Ph.D. program typically requires eight semesters to complete. The great majority of our graduates take positions in academic settings, ranging from universities to research settings to both public and industrial environments.

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