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Kaunas University of Technology PhD in Chemistry
Kaunas University of Technology

PhD in Chemistry

Kaunas, Lithuania

4 Years


Full time

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01 Sep 2024

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Possibilities to attain a European Ph.D. (Doctor Europeus) in partnership with PCAM (Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials Network).

The objective of the doctoral study program in chemistry is to train doctors of science, who are ready for a research career, able to work as scientists and educators. The program aims to expand their knowledge in chemistry and related fields, at the same time developing their skills of critical thinking, creativity, training their ability to seek original and independent solutions.

The study program lasts 4 years and is completed by a public defense of the doctoral dissertation. The program of study is adapted to the needs of individual students, depending on their prior training and research interests. Study and research opportunities for doctoral students are comprehensive and interdisciplinary, covering inorganic, organic, inorganic, physical, analytical, computational, and theoretical chemistry, food chemistry, materials chemistry, atmospheric and environmental chemistry. Research is typically started during the first year of study. However, during the first two years of studies, Ph.D. students also have to take doctoral modules in broad areas or special topics (30 ECTS in total). Subsequent years focus on thesis research only and writing the dissertation. Original research, performed under the direction of a supervisor and consultants, plays a major role in this degree. The ground of the final dissertation has to be based on at least 2 published original scientific publications (one of them may be accepted only for publication) in high-rank international chemistry or material science journals, where the Ph.D. student must be the first author of the article and the corresponding presentations in international scientific conferences.


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