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Kadir Has University Ph.D. in Finance and Banking
Kadir Has University

Ph.D. in Finance and Banking

Istanbul, Turkey

4 Years


Full time

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Kadir Has University's Finance and Banking Doctorate (Ph.D.) Program serves individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in finance either as an academic in universities or as a professional in finance sector institutions and organizations. Considering the value of time, students must select courses according to the specialization that they seek to achieve a maximum possible benefit in their learning and thesis research endeavors. The program consists of compulsory courses along with major-field and open-field selective courses. The major-field selective courses are those that are marked by FB course codes, whereas open-field selective courses are the ones that are offered by the other major fields of Kadir Has University’s School of Graduate Studies. In line, students can enroll too in graduate courses in related disciplines like economics, law, business management, communications, engineering, and management information systems. After successful completion of their course works, students must pass the qualifying examination of the program and then conduct thesis research towards a Ph.D. thesis ending with a successful thesis defense and approval.

Regulations and rules about acceptance to the program, course work and thesis work stages of the program and other matters in relevance can be seen at the graduate programs links of the Kadir Has University’s web page.

The language of instruction, education and thesis work of the program is English.

Instruction times of the courses are tailored to the needs of working professionals.

Distinctive features of KHAS Finance and Banking Ph.D. Program

The Faculty of Finance and Banking Ph.D. Program consists of competent academics who follow global and domestic developments in their fields closely. In addition to teaching courses and conducting other academic activities of the program, faculty staff also organizes panels, seminars, and conferences on topical economic and financial issues. Thus, the theoretical instruction of the program is enriched with real-world oriented examples and activities.

Kadir Has University’ s continuously expanding the library and electronic databases provide access to a wide variety of books, periodicals, and related information.

Graduates of the program acquire up to date instruction in the sine-qua-non fields of finance and banking like financial economics, financial institutions and markets, banking theory and policy, managerial economics, international monetary/financial system, financial risk management and financial modeling. For those who are interested, the program offers courses in quantitative finance, probability, stochastic processes, and statistics, too.

Course materials of the program are in English, thus providing students access the most up to date course information worldwide. This helps them compete better in the increasingly global marketplace for finance experts.

Graduates of the program successfully work in various private and public institutions like banking firms, corporations, investment funds, state organizations, and metropolitan majorities, as well as higher education institutions, universities and research centers.

Information on the Institution

The Finance and Banking Ph.D. Program was founded in 2009 within the Graduate School of Social Sciences and started accepting students in the 2009-2010 academic year.

Qualification Awarded/Level of Qualification

The students who successfully complete the program are awarded a Ph.D. degree (Level 7) in Finance and Banking Ph.D.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Those students who have successfully completed at least one semester in another program of the graduate school or in another university may be accepted through transfer. The conditions for transfers are determined by the University Senate. Students should have completed courses of at least 6 credit/hours and should score 2.50/4.0 point average grade. Those courses that will be credited for Finance and Banking Ph.D. among the courses taken by students in other programs will be decided upon the proposition of the Finance and Banking Ph.D. and a final decision is taken at the Executive Board of the Graduate School of Social Sciences. Should special students in the same field are admitted to Finance and Banking Ph.D., the credited courses will be decided upon the proposition of the Finance and Banking Ph.D. Program and final decision is taken at the Executive Board of the Graduate School of Social Sciences. For detailed informatiom please see: - Regulations for Associate and Undergraduate Degree Programs of Kadir Has University - Regulation for Graduate Education at Kadir Has University There are different procedures and requirements for the application of foreign nationals. Please, check The Guide for International Students.

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from the Program with thesis option, the students should have at least 3.00 over 4.00 Cum. GPA, should successfully complete all the must courses and the required number of elective courses, and his/her thesis must be accepted by the thesis examination board after his/her defense. In order to graduate from the non-thesis option Program, the students should have at least 3.00 over 4.00 Cum. GPA, should successfully complete all the must courses, and the required number of elective courses, and his/her project should be approved by his/her advisor.

Definition of the Program

The purpose of our PhD Program in Finance and Banking is to create an academic environment conducive to preparing individuals who are up to par with international standards in the field. It is a flexible program that enables candidates from social or technical sciences backgrounds to improve their professional and academic formation in a multidisciplinary framework. Accordingly, in addition to mandatory banking and finance courses, students can take elective courses offered by related graduate programs like economics, financial engineering, law or international relations. There is great latitude in choosing the topic for the PhD Thesis.

Evaluation Questionnaires

Course and Faculty Member Evaluation Survey Graduation Survey Satisfaction Survey

International Cooperation

All Erasmus and other international collaboration agreements of Kadir Has University that involve higher education and research at the graduate level apply to Finance and Banking Program.


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