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The University of Milan, also known as “La Statale”, is a hundred-year-old, multi-campus, multidisciplinary public University in the very heart of Milan, the Italian capital of innovation, culture, and design. La Statale, the biggest university in the Lombardy region, one of the richest and most advanced districts in Europe, is very well ranked, both at the national and international levels, thanks to the high quality of its teaching and academic research. With its 8 Faculties and 2 Schools (Humanities, School of Exercise and Sports Science, Pharmacy, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Law, Political, Economic and Social Sciences, Agricultural and Food Sciences, Science and Technology, School of Language Mediation and Intercultural Communication) La Statale offers 157-degree courses at undergraduate and graduate level, 36 PhD programs, 65 Postgraduate schools, and several vocational Masters, Summer and Winter Schools.

By joining us, you will experience a real international, challenging, cutting-edge academic environment! La Statale is in fact the only Italian member of LERU, a prestigious network that gathers, only by invitation, 25 research-intensive European universities. It is also a proud member of the 4EU+ Alliance which aims at developing an integrated European university system. In the near future, our scientific faculties will be relocated to the MIND (Milano Innovation District) campus, an ambitious project that aims to offer students from all over the world the most advanced, appealing, and functional infrastructures, facilities and laboratories in close connection with The Human Technopole labs.

You will be studying in a modern urban campus in a strongly innovation-driven ecosystem. International students are very welcome in our University. We offer more than 40 English-taught programs at all levels (Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD), more than 20 Double Degree programs, free Italian language and culture courses, dedicated financial aid, and fixed favourable tuition fees. Join us and be part of our exciting future!

We look forward to seeing you in Milan.


The people, boards, and planning documents involved in academic governance: from the Rector to the Board of Directors. The management and administration offices, libraries, departments, faculties and schools, cultural centres and institutions, and university farms.

  • Governance and strategy
  • Offices and facilities

Quality Assurance

The processes, people and tools ensure quality in teaching, research, and the third mission, the calendar of training events.


The University of Milan is a leading Italian university for investment in research infrastructure and human capital: two essential elements for tackling the complex challenges of knowledge in a rapidly changing social and industrial context.

As a public institution concerned with the development and progress of knowledge, the University has always been committed to research projects that influence the quality of life of citizens. Research at the University of Milan is mostly conducted in the departments and the many specialized structures, favoring the creation and growth of networks of collaboration locally, nationally, and internationally.

Scientific activity involves the whole academic community from professors, researchers, doctoral students, fellowship-holders, and fellows to undergraduates, in an ideal quest for new ideas.

Third Mission

In addition to its two key functions – scientific research and education – the University engages in Third Mission activities aimed at spreading culture, and knowledge and transferring research results outside the academic community, thus contributing to social and cultural growth.

The University intends to be an economic and cultural engine for the local area, fostering progress and innovation, and promoting dialogue and interaction with citizens, the economic system, and public and private institutions.

In the "knowledge society", we will leverage our multidisciplinary skills to create synergies and promote collaborations and exchanges both internally and externally.


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