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L’Université Catholique Du Congo PhD in Philosophy
L’Université Catholique Du Congo

PhD in Philosophy

Kinshasa, Congo, DR

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Sep 2024

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The Faculty of Philosophy has as its essential objective to contribute to the training of professional philosophers and to have, as one of the main centers of interest and reflection, man in general and the African religious phenomenon in particular. The philosophical training program tends to give the student the breadth and vigor of mind essential to a philosophical and scientific understanding of African society, thought, wisdom and spirituality.

The faculty thus intends to help its students to enter into dialogue with theologians and other scholars. The beneficiaries of such training are at the service of the Church and the Nation in various educational sectors and for all the other national development tasks for which their training is intended.

The basic studies are spread over five years, ie 3 years of license and 2 years of Master. The license program can be supplemented by that of the Aggregation of higher secondary education which authorizes the graduate in Philosophy to teach in secondary schools.

At the third cycle level, students can acquire the degrees of Diplôme d'Etudes Approfondies en philosophie, Doctor of Philosophy and Agrégé de l'enseignement supérieur in philosophy.

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