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Paris Dauphine University Executive Phd
Paris Dauphine University

Executive Phd

Paris, France

3 Years

English, French

Part time

30 Aug 2024

07 Oct 2024

EUR 38,000



Why an Executive PhD ?

The program offers a structure tailored to your professional life during the three-year period.

This 3-year program is designed for executives with more than 10-year experience, and drives you towards writing your thesis on a topic you wish to search in.

It requires a physical presence at the seminars once every 3 months, during one week in Paris, and online seminars once a month on Friday and Saturday during 18 months.

The Executive PhD at the Université Paris-Dauphine is a doctoral level program, based on the concept of “engaged research”, which is offered to working professionals in order to give them all the necessary research tools to theorize their professional experience and produce academic research of the highest quality.

Paris-Dauphine University’s Executive PhD aims at encouraging communication between two worlds often distant, that of management research and that of the enterprise.

This merger allows you to:

  • Give a scientific scale to your “intuitions”
  • Gain legitimacy/visibility in your professional sphere
  • Access a global vision of an enterprise’s strategy,its functional organizations including the latest projections in theoretic research within a scientific framework

Why Dauphine ?

The Université Paris-Dauphine has been one of the first universities in Europe to offer an Executive PhD, since 2008, and the first to do so in France. Today, this program is a growing success with an average annual graduating class of 16 participants. From 30 % to more than half are international students. The Executive PhD is a rich interactive experience that encourages international participation.


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