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Türkisch-Deutsche Universität

Türkisch-Deutsche Universität

Türkisch-Deutsche Universität


A state university designed for long-term career planning. The Türkisch-Deutsche Universität (TDU) in Istanbul is a state university that was founded on the basis of an intergovernmental agreement between Turkey and the Federal Republic of Germany and is subject to Turkish higher education legislation.

The Türkisch-Deutsche Universität aims to combine the best achievements of Turkish and German university traditions in research and teaching. It is focused on developing a distinctive profile within the Turkish university landscape through close partnership with a consortium of German universities and through intensive cooperation with Turkish and German companies and institutions. In terms of its identification and objectives, the Türkisch-Deutsche Universität sees itself as a research university.


  • Istanbul

    Şahinkaya Cad. 106, 34820, Istanbul