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Technological University of Mixteca PHD in robotic
Technological University of Mixteca

PHD in robotic

México, Mexico

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Jul 2024

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Train specialists of the highest academic level who are capable of:

  • Carry out original research with impact on regional, state, and national development, independently in a specialty area related to robotics;
  • Perform in the teaching field in higher-level institutions or research centers, with broad and solid knowledge in a specialty area related to robotics; and
  • Prepare and submit proposals to obtain public and/or private financing for the development of basic research projects and links with the productive sector.

The goal of the Doctorate in Robotics is for the graduate to possess the following skills and aptitudes:

  • Know in-depth the scientific and technological bases of their field of knowledge related to robotics.
  • Mastering the concepts, methods, and techniques of their disciplinary field related to robotics.
  • Have the ability to propose, carry out and evaluate original research projects, especially in the field of their disciplinary field.
  • Train human resources for teaching and research.
  • Have the ability to form multidisciplinary groups with national and international colleagues to carry out basic and applied research projects.
  • Ability to abstract and analyze the problem and propose possible viable solutions based on the characteristics of its environment.
  • Management of specialized computational tools in the various areas of engineering.
  • Adequate command of the English language to express ideas in oral and written form.
  • Communicate ideas in the form of articles and presentations in professional forums.
  • Initiative and important decision-making.
  • Constant and permanent academic improvement.
  • Updating of knowledge in a continuous and systematic way.
  • Ethical and moral commitment to its social environment for the generation and transmission of knowledge.

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