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Universidad Rey Juan Carlos Doctoral Program in Social and Legal Sciences
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Doctoral Program in Social and Legal Sciences

3 Years


Full time, Part time

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EUR 390 *


* The price for non-resident non-EU students is only approximate since each academic rate is different. full-time academic | Part-time academic - €234


The need for doctoral training for graduates in degrees related to the Social and Legal Sciences is defended both in the academic and professional fields, where the need to continue researching and advancing in knowledge, techniques and methods is confirmed, this training being doctoral the main way of training researchers.

The Universidad Rey Juan Carlos proposes the Doctorate Program in Social and Legal Sciences, to teach and offer doctoral training that contributes, on the one hand, to promoting the training of people with skills in research and innovation in Social and Legal Sciences, and on the other. another, to advance, through research, in responding to the needs of society within the framework of an integrative program, whose structure and organization allows the specialization, updating and diversification of training, research and transfer in the field. of Social and Legal Sciences.

Within the Doctorate Program in Social and Legal Sciences, the different lines of research will be developed, in accordance with the requirements established in current legislation and in the regulations of the URJC, contrasting the experience and research suitability, and the existence of competitive projects. The line to which the doctoral student will be assigned will be determined by the access requirements and the topic of the thesis project. Each line of research, in turn, will define, without exclusion, the main topics for the development of the doctoral theses, depending on the existing group.

The Universidad Rey Juan Carlos proposes this Doctoral Program:

  • Train new researchers and prepare teams that contribute to social, scientific and economic progress.
  • Promote the training of new teachers in related disciplines.
  • Specialize postgraduates interested in adequate professional, scientific and technical development.
  • Promote the creation of research groups and networks, at the national and international level, and interdisciplinarity.


The general objectives of the Doctoral Program at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos will be, at least, the following

  • Promote and deepen the knowledge and professional, scientific and technical development of doctoral students in the field in question.
  • Train new researchers capable of joining research teams.
  • Promote the teaching career, deepening the research training of future teachers.
  • The student's specialization within the corresponding field, especially in its research aspect.
  • Provide methodological instruments from which to approach the analysis of theory and practice from an interdisciplinary perspective, and provide basic criteria from which to address practical issues, in the different areas in which they arise.
  • Have an adequate framework for the achievement and transmission of scientific advances.
  • Train doctoral students so that they can play an essential role in public or private institutions involved in innovation and research, so that they can lead the transfer of knowledge for the well-being of society.

In short, this Doctorate Program at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos aims to train doctors equipped with a critical scientific spirit, research capacity and teamwork, through teaching organized in two areas: a general one (research techniques and methods, tools and resources for it) and another of specialization, typical of the different consolidated lines of specialization that are developed therein.


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