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Universidade Santiago de Compostela PhD in Agricultural and Forestry Research
Universidade Santiago de Compostela

PhD in Agricultural and Forestry Research

Lugo, Spain

3 Years

Spanish, Galician

Full time

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EUR 200 / per year



This is a program marked by multidisciplinarity in terms of teacher and student qualifications since it involves researchers from four different departments of the University of Santiago de Compostela (Plant Production, Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, Plant Physiology and Botany), four research centers (Centro de Investigaciones Forestales de Lourizán, Estación Fitopatológica de Arenero, Centro de Investigaciones Agrarias de Mabegondo and Misión Biológica de Galicia) and international institutions (Germany, Switzerland, United States, Portugal and Greece), University of Extremadura and two centers of the University of A Coruña (Institute of Geology and Faculty of Sciences) which offers the student a wide range to choose the subject related to agricultural and forestry production in Galicia and the Atlantic biogeographic region of Europe.


The headquarters of this program is the Higher Polytechnic School at USC and the University Institute of Geology at UDC. In addition, it is also taught at the Faculties of Biology and Veterinary Medicine of the USC and in the Faculty of Sciences of the UDC.

We understand that the high number of students and doctoral theses, as well as the degree of internationalization of the program, constitutes a solid base that guarantees its success, which has already obtained its quality mention in its adaptation to RD 1993/2007. The interest of the Doctoral Program is evident, not only because of the field in which it is framed: agricultural, forestry and agroforestry research, of great socio-economic importance, but also because of the need for experts with specific higher training in these fields that include a productive and environmental perspective, as offered by this Program, which, in addition to training national students, has among its priorities the training of doctors of foreign nationality who contribute to the better visibility of Spanish education at this level. The implementation of this objective will be achieved through the different financing programs existing at the European and international level, whose already existing contractual relationships will be fostered.

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