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Universidade Santiago de Compostela PhD in Tourism
Universidade Santiago de Compostela

PhD in Tourism

3 Years

Spanish, Galician

Full time

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Oct 2024

EUR 200 / per year



Tourism has been consolidated as one of the most relevant sectors from the economic and social point of view, not only in Spain but also worldwide. In the context of disciplines of a social nature, tourism is an interdisciplinary object of knowledge that covers a wide range of activities carried out by private companies and public institutions, with an impact on the lives of people, both residents and visitors. This doctoral program brings together two singularities that make it especially attractive: the participation of 12 Spanish universities with extensive experience in tourism studies, creating synergies and stimuli for the student body; and the interdisciplinary nature with the active involvement of numerous areas of knowledge that contribute to enriching the Program through a wide range of lines of research.

Lines of investigation

  • Planning and management of tourist destinations, tourism and local society
  • Economic analysis of the tourism sector
  • Management and innovation in tourism organizations
  • tourism and heritage
  • Intelligence in the tourism field. ICTs and data analysis



Program Outcome

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