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University of Johannesburg PhD in Afrikaans
University of Johannesburg

PhD in Afrikaans

Johannesburg, South Africa

3 Years


Full time

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ZAR 20,405 / per year *


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In that postgraduate program in Afrikaans (Honors, Masters degree and Doctor degree) that human-like existence becomes an investigation door to kyk after that simbole, mites, metaphor and text what mediates that human-like existence. Soos in all that other spiritual science, understanding that human existence is that goal. In this subject, Afrikaans is language and text means that means to that end.

In order to investigate that human being and the way in which that human being understands that world, study that language that that human being uses to give expression to this world, to give it to sigself and to that world in which he / sy lives.

That doctor's degree consists of a test scratch for an approved topic in that language or literature, under the direction of one of those Department slides.


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