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University of Pannonia PhD in Chemical Engineering and Material Sciences
University of Pannonia

PhD in Chemical Engineering and Material Sciences

Veszprém, Hungary

8 Semesters

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PhD in Chemical Engineering and Material Sciences

The primary aim of our doctoral school is to train scientists who can continue their creative scientific work related to leading fields of chemical engineering and material sciences after finishing their PhD studies. The doctoral school was established on January 1, 2001 as the highest level of chemical engineering education at University of Pannonia. Since then, more than 100 students have earned the PhD degree in our doctoral school.

The doctoral training is a regular study, research and reporting activity, which includes the fulfilment of the obligations stipulated in the Doctoral Regulations of the University. In CEMSDS doctoral training, the award of doctoral degrees is conditional on the completion of 8 semesters of study obligations for those starting after 1 September 2016.

Study points can be obtained by completing subjects, completing a research task and performing an educational task. Taking into account that, the doctoral training requires more individual learning than undergraduate training, it corresponds that 1 lesson (contact hour/week) is equal to 2 study points (TP). The study score for research activity and research results from research activity was calculated based on the average time spent by a student with average abilities.

The structure of the program:

In the first 4 semesters credits can be collected with studying, teaching or publishing scientific results in high quality journals. The remaining credits can be collected with teaching and publishing in the final two years. The minimal credit requirements for these three parts can be seen in the figure.



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