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University of Pretoria - Faculty of Health Sciences PhD (Neurology)
University of Pretoria - Faculty of Health Sciences

PhD (Neurology)

Pretoria, South Africa

2 Years


Full time

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PhD (Neurology)

A PhD student must:

  • under the supervision of a supervisor at the university or another institution approved by the Senate, undertake original research to the satisfaction of the examiners; and
  • submit a thesis which will prove, according to the opinion of the examiners, that he or she has, on the grounds of independent critical judgement, made a distinct contribution towards the enrichment of knowledge in the chosen subject.

A student for the PhD degree must be registered for the doctoral degree study at the University for at least one academic year before the degree can be conferred.

The PhD degree is conferred by virtue of a thesis and, should the Dean deem it necessary, an examination on the field of study of the thesis.

The maximum period for completion of a doctoral degree is three years. Under exceptional circumstances, a student may apply to the relevant head of the department, in writing, for a fixed, limited extension of this period.


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