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Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3 University Doctorate in Arts, Speciality Plastic Arts
Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3 University

Doctorate in Arts, Speciality Plastic Arts

Montpellier, France

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Sep 2024

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Doctoral training is training in and through research and professional research experience. It leads to the production of new knowledge.

It includes personal research work carried out by the doctoral student. It is supplemented by additional training validated by the doctoral school. It relates to the work of scientific, economic, social, technological, or cultural interest. It is sanctioned by the issuance of the national doctorate diploma. The diploma, issued by an accredited public higher education establishment, confers on its holder the doctor's degree and title.

The doctoral degree can be obtained as part of initial training and lifelong training. During this training, the specific skills acquired make it possible to exercise a professional activity at the end of the doctorate in all activity fields, public and private sectors.

Doctoral training is organized within the Doctoral School 58, collaborating with the Languedoc Roussillon Doctoral College (CDLR).

On the one hand, it includes scientific supervision (thesis director and host research unit) and, on the other hand, a collective training consisting mainly of seminars, TD. The latter consists of research training and research and includes transversal training while assisting with professional integration.

During their doctoral training course, doctoral students follow support training courses and participate in courses, seminars, and missions organized within the Doctoral School and/or the Doctoral College framework. All group training is intended to consolidate students' scientific culture, prepare for their professional integration in the public and private sectors, and promote their international openness.

Doctoral training is one of the priorities of the research policy of Paul-Valéry University Montpellier 3 and ED 58, which applies this legal recommendation.

During the first three years of the doctorate, any student enrolled at Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3 University must participate in training courses, which will result in the allocation of 60 Training Credits (CF) per year (180 Training Credits in total).

The mark of 14/20 in the Master's thesis is the minimum required to be admitted to a doctorate. Special cases may be examined as part of a request for scientific validation.

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