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Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro

PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Vila Real, Portugal

3 Years


Full time

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Oct 2024

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The Doctoral Program (Ph.D.) in Electrical and Computer Engineering (or Electrical and Computer Engineering, EEC) is a research oriented program (research). Its purpose is to advance knowledge in the areas of Electrical and Computer Engineering and to equip students with exceptional ability to undertake advanced studies and original research. The Ph.D. in EEC aims to empower students for a research career and / or teaching in industry, research institutions, universities and government. The program should also instill in each student a proficiency for innovation, manifesting a fundamental advancement of knowledge and enabling graduates to integrate in their education and experience the major challenges of the technological professions. The program focuses on cutting-edge technology issues that go beyond the limits of Computer Engineering, Robotics, Microelectronics, Signal Processing, and Digital Communications.

The research environment is composed of the Department of Engineering of UTAD and the following research institutes

INESC TEC - Institute of Systems Engineering and Computers, Technology and Science

CITAB - Center for Research and Technology in Agri-Environmental and Biological Sciences

INESC P&D Brasil – (awaiting protocol)

Obtaining the Degree

The PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering is awarded to the student who:

  • Completes successfully the subjects according to the organization of the course, obtaining 60 ECTS;
  • Obtains approval for the Research Plan (Thesis Planning and Programming), presented at the end of the first year (usually in July - in the 2017/2008 academic year, July 12, 2018);
  • Submit and approve the Thesis, as a result of the Research Plan previously accepted.

Thesis Submission

The thesis must be submitted in English (or in Portuguese, in the cases accepted by the Scientific Council) before the end of the 4 years of PhD.

A provisional version of the thesis will be evaluated in public defense by a jury and amendments may be stipulated. The diploma is granted only after the delivery of a final and corrected version of the thesis.


  • Weekly Schedule: Tutorial Regime
  • Academic Calendar: September to June

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