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Wroclaw Business University of Applied Sciences

Wroclaw Business University of Applied Sciences

Wroclaw Business University of Applied Sciences


The International MBA program at Wroclaw Business University of Applied Sciences (WAB) stands out as a prestigious and comprehensive educational offering that equips students with the skills and knowledge required to excel in the global business landscape. Wroclaw, a vibrant and culturally rich city in Poland, provides an ideal backdrop for an International MBA experience, combining academic excellence with a diverse and dynamic environment.

The program's curriculum is designed to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving business world, emphasizing a global perspective and practical application of theoretical concepts. Students engage in a wide range of subjects, including international business strategy, cross-cultural management, finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship. The faculty, composed of experienced professionals and academics, fosters a collaborative learning environment, encouraging students to think critically and creatively.

One of the program's key strengths is its international focus, fostering a truly multicultural experience. The diverse student body ensures exposure to different perspectives, enhancing cross-cultural communication and teamwork skills. The emphasis on real-world applications is further reinforced through industry connections and guest lectures by seasoned professionals, providing valuable insights into current business practices.

The academy's commitment to innovation is reflected in its state-of-the-art facilities and technology-driven learning methods. Upon completion of the International MBA program at WAB, graduates emerge with a well-rounded skill set, global perspectives, and a strong network of professional connections, positioning them for success in leadership roles across diverse industries worldwide.

We Teach What Young People Will Need in the Future

The plan of each field focuses on learning through practice, so students are provided with attractive workshops and internships, constituting approximately 70% of the teaching program. Internships take place in many prestigious companies, and workshops at the university are supervised by experienced specialists who know the industry. This education method teaches skills necessary in business such as teamwork, entrepreneurship, conflict resolution, leadership, negotiations, decision-making, crisis management, and foreign languages.

This is Where Science Meets Business

The education plan was created in cooperation with academic staff, business practitioners, and employers, therefore, as part of the developed system, we offer innovative and engaging classes: case studies, managerial training, educational trips to companies as well as trips to other cities and abroad.

The mission of the Wrocław Academy of Business in Applied Sciences is education for business, close to practice, internationally, at a high level

  • Our graduates are fully qualified to work in high positions in large companies and are also perfectly prepared to run their own business
  • The programs of our fields of study are designed to meet the needs and requirements of employers. Our graduates are excellent candidates for various jobs
  • Through commitment and innovation, as well as the effort put into learning by our students, we launch exemplary specialists onto the labor market whose skills and qualifications are at the highest level.


  • Using the advice and experience of distinguished business practitioners, we provide students with knowledge and valuable tips on the modern economy
  • Studies at WAB also shape your professional personality. Graduates of our school are taught communication skills, creativity, teamwork and team management, negotiation and conflict resolution
  • We challenge our students in the real world of business. Thanks to internships and practical classes, we develop them on many levels and expand their experience.

International Dimension

  • Thanks to WAB's membership in the Erasmus program, students have the opportunity to complete internships abroad. The trips are fully financed by the European Union
  • We conduct developing student exchanges and exchanges of lecturers from various European, Asian, and American universities
  • Learning foreign languages is at a very high level. As part of German and English classes, we invite lecturers from abroad to constantly improve students' skills.

The Highest Level of Education

  • Our team includes excellent scientists and experienced practitioners who pass on their knowledge to students. Each group is approached individually, and the lesson program is adapted to the level and needs of the course participants
  • We practice a form of classes during which the student is an active participant, not a passive observer
  • The high quality of education results from a properly developed study program, which is at a world-class level
  • In order to diversify the education process and develop many competencies, we create and use our own, unique task games, workshops, and projects.


  • Wrocław

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