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Westlake University PhD in Electronic Science and Technology
Westlake University

PhD in Electronic Science and Technology

Hangzhou, China

4 Years


Full time

18 Nov 2024*

Aug 2025

CNY 10,000 / per year **


* 1st round: November 18th | 2nd round: April 22nd 2025

** All admitted students receive a full tuition grant.


Ph.D. in Electronic Science and Technology Introduction

Electronic and Information Engineering has been a driving force that propels the development of our modern information technology society and is at the foundation of many of the world’s most advanced technologies. The School of Engineering is devoted to pushing the frontiers of research in applied sciences and to developing new technologies that can advance human wellbeing and environmental sustainability. In this program you will make original contributions and develop impactful innovations that will shape the future of information, technology, and Artificial Intelligence.

Education Objectives:

In the School of Engineering, you will benefit from numerous interdisciplinary approaches and opportunities from the natural and life sciences. We are future-oriented and are consistently focused on utilizing the most cutting-edge research platforms, devices, and research facilities. The School of Engineering Ph.D. program is a research-oriented degree and is dedicated to teaching and utilizing the fundamentals of research to push the frontiers of original technologies. Our Ph.D. students strive for excellence in advanced research and are challenged to be change-makers who will make the world a better place and to translate their research findings to real-world applications.

Graduate Courses:

Graduate courses taught in the School of Engineering are taught by world-class faculty who have held positions and studied at some of the world’s top universities. A diverse range of courses in the Electronic Science and Technology program are taught by world-leading expert faculty members. This program allows our students to conduct research and projects that include various stages of original and impactful innovation, such as theory, modeling, simulation, nanofabrication, assembly, validation, in vitro and in vivo experiments, clinical testing, and project management.


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