Teaching Critical Thinking in Humanities Reduces Belief in Pseudoscience
April 20, 2017

A control group of students not explicitly taught critical thinking skills doesn’t change their beliefs about pseudoscience after taking a course—but a group of students who have critical thinking built into their course does.  Find out why in this exciting new study on the importance of teaching critical thinking skills. 

UK Scientists Fear Rising Threat to Climate Change Funding
April 13, 2017
US President Donald Trump has made his feelings about climate change very clear for years. He recently reinforced these views with the unveiling of a proposed federal budget that saw the end of numerous programs aimed at understanding and slowing climate change. But according to a report from The Gu...

What Fields Will the Brexit Brain Drain Hit Hardest?
April 6, 2017
With the future is still uncertain regarding Brexit and its potential impact on international students and faculty, many people are wondering about the possibility of a “brain drain” caused by an exodus of EU academics. Which fields would be hit hardest if this were to occur? A recent re...

PhD Numbers Rise with No Sacrifice to Quality in Denmark
March 30, 2017
As part of Denmark’s objective to increase growth and innovation capacity, its universities were required by 2006’s Agreement on Distribution of the Globalization Fund (The Globalization Agreement) to increase their annual intake of PhD students to 2,400. The aim? To create a pipeline of...

Indonesia Increases Scholarship Fund for Postgrads
March 23, 2017
The Indonesian government recently announced that it would double its scholarship fund to $225 million this year, with hopes of increasing the fund substantially in the future.  Learn more about the Indonesian Endowment Fund for Education—or LPDP, and why the government is taking such a b...

US Maintains Steady Number of Postdocs
March 16, 2017
While the US maintains a steady number of postdocs, the fields of specialty have shifted.  Although it’s unclear why the shift has happened, postdoctoral students—and their universities—may want to find ways to increase their numbers and to figure out why numbers are shifting....

New Loan Program for Welsh Postgrads
March 9, 2017
Postgraduate funding for master’s students will be available to Welsh students, following a commitment by the Welsh government to support its graduate students.  Learn more about the program. 

A Change in Direction for the Chinese Education Model?
March 2, 2017
The Chinese doctoral education system has largely been influenced by the Soviet model since its inception. However, according to a recent working paper published by the Centre for Global Higher Education, a shift is underway. What’s changing and what does it mean for the future of doctoral stu...

Ireland Extends “Stay Back” Option to 2 Years for International Postgrads
February 23, 2017
International postgrads in Ireland who want some extra time to find work, apply for a green card, or even have a chance to kiss the Blarney Stone have something to celebrate.  The Irish government recently extended its one-year “stay back” option to two years.  Find out why.

More Funding for South African PhD Students?
February 16, 2017
Amidst challenging economic conditions, South Africa’s Department of Science and Technology (DST) remains committed to its priorities for economic growth and job creation, according to a recent annual address by Minister Naledi Pandor. Also on the agenda? Increasing both funding and internatio...


April 7, 2017

If you’re like most graduate students, you may already be buried in so much reading in your field that there mere thought of exploring sources a...

March 28, 2017

Want to get in on the academic research paper?  Co-author one.  Remember: the work of the research is sometimes just as difficult as the wri...

March 13, 2017

Here’s a great idea: write for Wikipedia.  Contribute to the common good, develop fine writing skills, reach a wide audience—and most...