Do Non-Academic Jobs Offer Greater Satisfaction?
January 19, 2018
The competition is fierce for jobs in academia. Now comes news that not only can going outside of academia lead to a more satisfying career. Read on to find out more about alt-ac and how PhDs are finding fulfillment in and outside the ivory tower.

Is There a Magic Keyword for Job Ads for PhDs?
January 11, 2018
Recent research using machine learning indicates that one keyword may pivotal to revealing a massive “hidden” job market for graduates with PhDs. That keyword? “PhD.” Here’s a closer look at the project and its findings.

Can Grad Students Breathe Easier Now?
December 28, 2017
Now that grad students have narrowly escaped the proposed tax increase included in President Trump’s sweeping overhaul of the US’s tax code, does this mean they can breathe a collective sigh of relief? Not so much, according to experts. Here’s a closer look at why grad students may not be comp...

More Pakistani Students Bound for China
December 21, 2017
The total number of Pakistani students in China spiked to 22,000 this fall thanks to the addition of approximately 2,500 new enrollments. To what can China’s growing popularity with students from this region be attributed, and what does it mean for exchange at large? Here’s a closer look.

Why Do Male PhDs Publish More Than Their Female Colleagues?
December 14, 2017
A new study looks at why male PhDs publish more than their female colleagues. The results may surprise you. Let’s take a closer look.

South Africa Sees a Shift in Academic Demographics
December 7, 2017
The demographics of academic staff across the post-apartheid South African higher education sector has been in a state of flux over the past decade. Now comes new research indicating an “upwards trajectory of black African academics” positioning them to outnumber white scholars in the near futur...

Kenya University Reforms Threaten Non-PhD Faculty Jobs
November 30, 2017
A major government reform that stipulates PhD requirements for professors at universities in Kenya has thousands of university lecturers nervous about the state of their jobs. Let’s take a closer look.

Canadian Universities Debut Term Limits for Research Chairs
November 22, 2017
The push for diversity in higher education is a global phenomenon. Universities in Canada may have even more incentive to boost diversity, however, thanks to diversity targets set by a court settlement for the Canada Research Chairs (CRC) program. To that end, many schools are debuting term limits d...

French Scientists May Have Cracked the Dyslexia Code
November 16, 2017
A new breakthrough by researchers at a French university may help people with dyslexia. What’s it all about? Eyes. Let’s take a closer look.

UK Government Aims to Secure Post-Brexit Research Exchange
November 10, 2017
The academic community has long feared the impact of Brexit on UK research and exchange. Now comes news that the government is working to secure an “ambitious agreement” with the EU, which will allow British universities to continue collaborating with EU entities. Here’s a closer l...


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