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    PhD Programs in Applied Linguistics

    PhD programs, also known as Doctor of Philosophy, offer students the chance to study a topic in-depth. They require great commitment to research and usually include teaching elements. This is the highest degree level attainable.

    What is a PhD in Applied Linguistics? A doctorate program in applied linguistics allows students to look into languages in ways they may never have before. Programs may allow students to specialize in an area of linguistics or to focus on a certain aspect of language. Some examples include literacy, grammar, language planning, language testing, computer-assisted language learning and language variations. Students may also choose to specialize in areas that include pragmatics, psycholinguistics, spoken discourse, world English, vocabulary and language program evaluation. A program generally involves completing an advanced research study project.

    Programs generally provide students with a well-balanced education in linguistics. They may also gain skills in teaching, researching and technology that can help them with future career opportunities.

    The costs of a program differ quite a bit due to the fact that students take varying amounts of time to complete a program. The student’s school would be the best source for cost information.

    The career options for graduates with a PhD in Applied Linguistics are mainly focused on teaching and research. Students may wish to teach linguistics at the college level or work in other segments of education. Graduates may become language teachers or teach non-native speakers. They may also focus on an area of language analysis or work in language research. Some students may choose to move beyond teaching and research to work for government agencies, nonprofits or corporations, specifically those involved in language technology.

    If you want to study linguistics through in-depth research, then you might want to complete a PhD in Applied Linguistics. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.