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54 PhD Programs in Engineering Studies Electrical Engineering 2024



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PhD Programs in Engineering Studies Electrical Engineering

A Doctor of Philosophy is a type of doctorate, which is an advanced college education, that can be pursued after a master’s degree. Typically, a PhD is the highest educational degree a student can receive. It can take five to six years to complete.

What is a PhD in Electrical Engineering? When students wish to join the research side of electrical engineering, they may choose to pursue a PhD. This type of program is often designed to prepare students to take on a wide variety of research tasks surrounding electromagnetism, electricity and electronics. The required courses for the degree often vary by university but could include machine learning and neural networks, digital signal processing, advanced electromagnetic theory, modern control system, computer-aided design of circuits, and advanced electric machine theory.

This high-level degree can prepare students to be professionals in the world of academia. The research and communication skills gained may open up more job opportunities. Some professionals with a PhD in Electrical Engineering have a higher salary.

Looking at the cost of a PhD can help students figure out which program is right for them. The tuition can be vastly different depending on the university and location. Students who want to get a better understanding of what they might pay should contact the school they want to attend.

A PhD in Electrical Engineering can lead to a variety of jobs. While most students use the education to get jobs as research specialists or professors at universities, there are other career possibilities as well. In fact, graduates might be able to become electrical engineer consultants, executive financial advisors or chief electrical engineers. Some students even find jobs within the government. Any previous work experience and other education may play a role in the jobs students qualify for.

If you want to pursue a PhD, you need to apply. Thankfully, the process is often easy. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.