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8 PhD Programs in Humanities Studies Literature English Literature 2024



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PhD Programs in Humanities Studies Literature English Literature

A PhD represents the highest level of education in most fields. The duration and requirements for a PhD differ from country to country, but most are tied to the completion of a major research project called a thesis or dissertation. Those who complete their PhD are considered experts in their chosen field.

What is a PhD in English Literature? This degree involves study of the history, cultural context and meaning of English literature and trains students to analyze and write about these works. Program participants commonly choose a specific area of focus within the field. Specializations may be in the literature of a certain region like the United States or Great Britain, or they may focus on a specific time period, such as the Renaissance.

Those who earn this degree typically have strong writing skills, which are applicable to many lines of work. Scholars also develop their research skills, their ability to make strong arguments and their knowledge of history and culture.

Cost is an important factor for most students in choosing a PhD program, but these expenses can vary widely between different countries and programs. Interested parties should be sure to get the facts about each school’s financial requirements and funding opportunities before committing to a program.

Many students pursue a PhD in English Literature because they wish to become university professors, enabling them to continue their research and impart their knowledge to the next generation. Others may continue working in higher education but instead, take on non-faculty roles such as advisers or administrators. However, there are many careers available to them outside of academia as well. Graduates may also go on to become literary critics, authors, editors or literary agents, or work in any other kind of job where strong writing skills are required.

English literature is a popular field, so there are many universities around the world offering PhD programs on this subject. For some, choosing a distance learning program makes earning this credential easier and more convenient. To learn more, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.