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8 PhD Programs in Entrepreneurship 2024



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    PhD Programs in Entrepreneurship

    Entrepreneurship crosses the disciplines of business, economics, sociology, and technology and can be explored in regional, organizational, sectors, or international contexts, such as social enterprises, large organizations, family businesses, and corporations. The focus of PhD Entrepreneurship is on the many aspects of starting and maintaining a successful business.

    Students pursuing a PhD Entrepreneurship degree will likely study such topics as marketing, venture capital, multivariate statistics, and categorical data analysis.  Most programs may also require business foundations of finance and economics. Like most PhD programs, PhD Entrepreneurship will require research toward a dissertation. Graduates holding a PhD Entrepreneurship degree often go on to careers in academia, research, government, private consultancy, or starting their own business.

    If you are business savvy and are interested in a PhD Entrepreneurship degree, then scroll through the options below and find the program for you!