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36 PhD Programs in Environmental Studies Environmental Sciences 2024



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PhD Programs in Environmental Studies Environmental Sciences

A Doctor of Philosophy is a doctorate or a doctoral degree that is the highest academic degree achievable. The holder of the degree is considered qualified to teach at university level in their field of study.

What is a PhD in Environmental Sciences? A PhD in Environmental Sciences encompasses multiple disciplines, such as ecology, biodiversity, environmental assessment, conservation, paleoecology, geology, and environmental policy. Research methods and numerical skills courses are usually part of this program so that students are familiar with statistical analysis and modeling so that they are able to conduct research. Coursework varies by institution, but may also include geography, earth science, economics, political science, and marine biology. Other possible areas of study include natural resources, quantitative analysis, social science, and water resources.

Graduates with a PhD in Environmental Sciences receive a broad interdisciplinary education and become skilled in communicating and problem solving, two major components needed to succeed in policy making and management. Candidates also gain competence in research techniques ranging from experimental and sampling design to hypothesis testing and estimation.

The cost of a PhD varies, depending on the country of study, the institution’s policies, and the program length. Contact the admissions office of the university to learn more about the degree program and its expenses.

Career prospects in environmental sciences exist in academia, where candidates can teach and conduct research. Other career possibilities are available in government and industry, such as in environmental consulting firms and major oil companies. Government positions in various agencies, such as the U.S. Geological Survey, the Environmental Protection Agency, and national laboratories, are other options. Management careers are another option, if the student’s coursework contained technology and management classes.

Online studies are accessible to you, no matter where your location is. They also deliver unique educational prospects. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.