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711 PhD Programs in Europe 2023


Many universities in Europe offer a highly distinguished PhD education from top-notch universities and highly qualified and professional faculty. There are many programs and universities across Europe that students can look into when considering a PhD in Europe.

For a PhD in Europe, program cost, time, and structure vary depending on the country and the specific university. Generally, it takes a minimum of 4 years to complete a PhD in Europe, and series of examinations are usually not required as they are for other countries, such as the United States. There are a range of options to meet the student’s needs, including options for distance learning for students that cannot commit to full-time education.

Europe is an exciting location for an education. There are so many culturally and intellectually stimulating places to study where students can get a truly international experience interacting with people from all over the globe. Take a look at the options below and find the PhD program in Europe you are looking for!

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