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PhD Programs in Social Sciences Area studies European studies

Beyond receiving a bachelor's or master's degree, a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is the highest achievement in academia. Typically, receiving this doctorate-level degree involves researching and presenting a thesis in a specific field.

What is a PhD in European Studies? European Studies covers a large assortment of academic fields, all pertaining to past, current, and future European developments. Typically seen as a subsection of the humanities or social sciences, European Studies coursework includes aspects of political science, economics, sociology, law, and geography. Areas of focus include an analytical understanding of the European Union and, comparatively, its member nations.

The advanced study of Europe develops many skills. Advanced knowledge of European history, the inherent geopolitics of the region, and an understanding of economic principles at play are all necessary to obtain a PhD. These skills provide opportunities to advance political discussions and operate in both the academic and political realms.

It is difficult to estimate the cost of a European studies PhD program without knowing the institution attended. The cost of attendance will differ from country to country, as well. A typical PhD in this field will take three to four years to earn.

A PhD in European Studies provides a vast array of career opportunities. Due to its interdisciplinary nature, careers as an economist or either a policy planner or analyst and continued academic research are all possibilities. As an understanding of this field will lead to expert-level knowledge on the current state of the European Union, non-government organizations are a likely destination, with the potential to hold the position of researcher or consultant. Government positions, from diplomats to intelligence agents, may also be options.

While it may seem obvious to state that schools and universities in Europe will offer this PhD program, students will find this degree offered globally and locally, as well as online. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.