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8 PhD Programs in Administration Studies Human Resources Human Resource Management 2024



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PhD Programs in Administration Studies Human Resources Human Resource Management

As the highest academic degree, a PhD requires many years of study. A master's degree is usually required to start this academic track, though some institutions combine the two degrees into a single program.

What is a PhD in Human Resource Management? This field deals with managing people to maximize overall employee performance and satisfaction. An understanding of common human resource activities, such as staffing, labor relations and benefits, is expected. PhD programs are designed to further educate students in detail about one or more aspects of human resource management. Some topics include motivation, recruitment and temporary staffing.

Much of human resource management is knowing how to interact with people and handle conflict, both good skills for everyday life. In particular, a PhD has the possible benefit of advancement and salary increase.

The cost of a PhD in Human Resource Management depends on the chosen school. Since a PhD typically takes four to six years to earn, this should be factored into your overall budget. Tuition, fees and books are an important part of making your academic budget.

A PhD in Human Resource Management typically leads to an elevated position in an HR department. HR management usually falls into two categories: specialist and generalist. A specialist may work in a focused area, like equality in the workplace, while generalists handle big picture HR issues. Unions and other entities that use collective bargaining can also benefit from a graduate with this degree. As a PhD, this degree also opens the door for research and academic career opportunities.

With our online tools, it is easy to find the school offering the PhD you want. Human resource management courses are offered at a variety of schools, and there may be one near you. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.