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    PhD Programs in Information Technology Management

    After completing a postgraduate degree, students can choose to pursue a doctoral degree. A Doctor of Philosophy, which is a type of doctorate, focuses on a specific topic within a field of study in order to give students an in-depth knowledge. It usually takes around five to six years to complete a PhD.

    What is a PhD in Information Technology Management? This program of study can explore the behavioral and economic impact of the IT industry on consumers, society, businesses and governments. Students often tackle research projects, in-class discussions and dissertations throughout the program. The exact courses required can vary from one school to the next but might include classes such as advancing research on information technology management, management theory creation, leading information technology strategic planning in complex and global environments, and research processes, theory and practice in global business.

    Students often choose to pursue this education in order to gain access to greater job opportunities. A PhD can also lead to a higher salary. The research required to finish the degree can hone a student’s organizational skills, which can make him or her better managers of time.

    Before deciding which school to attend, students need to consider the cost of a PhD. Each school could have a different tuition. It often depends, at least in part, on the size and location of the university. Students should contact the school they want to attend to get an estimate.

    A PhD in Information Technology Management can prepare graduates for a variety of high-level careers in the IT industry in nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, large corporations or the government. The exact opportunities available may depend on previous experience and any other education. Some students go on to become directors of information technology, technology program directors, senior information technology auditors and chief information officers.

    If you want to pursue this type of education, you need to apply. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.