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PhD Programs in Law Studies

A PhD is the highest degree in any field, and many people choose to earn it to be able to teach at a collegiate level. With a PhD, you become a leader in your field after spending many years studying and researching advanced topics such as specific areas of law.

What is a PhD in Law and Regulations? A PhD in Law and Regulations is advanced education that usually involves an intense research study into an area of interest, culminating in a dissertation that you actually defend before a panel of other PhDs in the field. You will have post-graduate classes in the law and work closely with a faculty advisor to advance your research in the right direction.

Earning a PhD takes many years of higher education, but it is well worth the time and effort. When you have those initials behind your name, it is immediate recognition of your dedication, perseverance and hard work. You will have in-depth knowledge into a field of study that makes you an expert.

The cost of a PhD will vary by college. Because you already have your master’s degree by the time you apply for a PhD, you may be able to work as an adjunct for the college or have opportunities for teaching fellowships to offset your costs. Earning your PhD can take three or more years, depending on the coursework you have going into the program and how long your dissertation takes.

With a PhD, you have many opportunities open to you, including teaching higher education at colleges and universities around the world. With your specialized research, you could consult with businesses and governments in the field of your expertise.

Open the doors you that you want to with a PhD in Law and Regulations. Take steps to further your education and become a leader. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.