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    PhD Programs in Management Studies Maritime Management

    A PhD, or Doctor of Philosophy, is the highest university degree awarded for extensive studies in a particular academic field. Requirements for a PhD vary by university and country, and requirements can change as academic fields develop over time. PhD program length also varies depending on the area of focus; that said, some programs take between four and six years to complete.

    What is a PhD in Maritime Management? This degree typically focuses on the policy, legislation and governance of coastal and marine areas. This may include the topics of marine ports and transportation, multinational oceanic policy, fishing areas, coastal management, care of ecosystems and the ecological relationship between marine environments and humans. Students may take courses dealing with research methods, international law, economics or political science. They may also collaborate with scholars in the fields of oceanography, anthropology, marine biology, geography or natural resource management. PhD programs may require a master’s degree (prerequisite to the PhD program), research, coursework, and finally the submission of a unique thesis or dissertation. The thesis is then subject to approval and confirmation by a panel of experts appointed by the university.

    A PhD degree can provide a great advantage in both the academic and professional arenas. PhD studies with a focus in maritime management can develop wide-reaching, critical skills in areas such as research methodology, statistics or computer-based analytical models.

    PhD programs can vary greatly in cost. It is ideal to inquire with a number of different schools about potential expenses.

    Obtaining a PhD can open doors to employment in science, research and university-level teaching. Confirmed candidates of PhD programs in maritime management may alternatively conduct research in universities or marine organizations. They might also find work in government, perhaps influencing marine policy and legislation. Other opportunities may be available in consulting, such as with community planning or environmental planning organizations.

    Traditionally, PhD candidates must work on their studies on campus. However, some universities are increasingly offering online options for PhD candidates. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.