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4 PhD Programs in Marketing Studies Marketing Marketing Management 2024



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PhD Programs in Marketing Studies Marketing Marketing Management

A Doctor of Philosophy – or PhD – is the highest level of education certification one can receive. The requirements differ from program to program, but it can take up to eight years to receive a PhD, and it is typically awarded after researching, presenting, and defending a thesis in a given field.

What is a PhD in Marketing Management? This degree focuses on bridging the gap between academic research and the professional practice in the field of marketing. The courses involved will spread across a wide array of topics and concepts. Business principles, economics, behavioral psychology, and sociology are all areas of focus. Usually, the program will be split in two, with the first few years spent in classes, and the latter half spent conducting research.

A PhD in Marketing management often results in a broad skillset, from research and applying statistical models to understanding the economic behaviors of consumers. These skills position the degree holder to advance quickly in the corporate and academic worlds.

The cost of this PhD program will differ among institutions, but one should expect to spend at least five years working toward its completion. However, the length can vary depending on a variety of factors, including the student's financial situation.

Due to the varied skillset involved, there are usually ample possibilities with regard to a career. Often, someone with this advanced degree can hold a high corporate position, such as Chief Marketing Officer or Director of Marketing. Further, this degree can open up opportunities to become a public relations or brand manager. Because of the amount of academic research needed to complete a PhD, becoming a professor at an institute of higher learning is also a common outcome.

A PhD in Marketing Management is available at universities locally, globally, as well as online. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.