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1 PhD Programs in Museology 2023


A PhD stands for Doctorate in Philosophy, and it is a type of advanced degree for students who wish to study at the highest academic level. This degree typically involves independent research over a particular subject and results in a dissertation.

What is a PhD in Museology? This postgraduate subject is sometimes referred to as museum studies, and it explores the inner workings of museums in all aspects. Students in this field of study may learn management, marketing, communication and preservation skills related to museology to understand every element of museums and how they function. At this doctorate level, students pursue a more theoretical and research-based study of museums and may explore more concentrated subjects such as cultural policy, ethnic studies, anthropology, archeology and more.

Students with an education in museology often gain a useful array of professional and personal skills. These students tend to be highly organized and have impressive communication skills. They also may gain a breadth of cultural and historical knowledge.

The cost of earning a doctorate degree varies depending on the type of program and the time required to complete it. Students should contact universities for more specific tuition information.

The care and function of a museum is complex and requires a multitude of qualified scholars to maintain. This means there is a wide variety of museology careers for a student to pursue. Many students become curators or archivists and work carefully to acquire and preserve important historical documents and material. Students may choose to work behind the scenes or may conduct workshops and presentations to the public or other scholars. With a doctorate degree, students may consider working at the academic level as professors of museology at a college or university.

There are many doctoral programs available around the world in a variety of subjects. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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