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4 PhD Programs in Education Teaching Physical Education 2024



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PhD Programs in Education Teaching Physical Education

PhD is the abbreviation for Doctor of Philosophy, and it represents the highest degree available in academia. A PhD can take four or more years to complete, and the amount of time largely depends on the subject you choose to study.

So, what is a PhD in Physical Education? This subject looks at physical activities in a school or career setting, from compulsory active classes to professional sports. Earning a PhD in physical education means conducting research about human anatomy and how different kinds of stress and activity leave their mark. Some subfields look at physical activity as it relates to science, society and culture.

Within a doctoral program in physical education, you learn skills such as teamwork, attention to detail and multitasking. Teamwork, specifically, can be useful for organizing others toward a common goal, while other skills gained in the program may help you become more efficient in your daily activities.

The cost of a PhD in Physical Education can usually be offset by a stipend. A fellowship is another common way to pay for this kind of program. These funds can be used to cover books, tuition, course fees and a variety of other costs incurred while studying.

As with any graduate of a PhD program, you can pursue employment at a university as a member of its faculty. Specific to physical education, positions at levels lower than university or within professional sports may be available. A researcher knowledgeable about the human body could also research new sporting equipment and how to optimize workouts. For that kind of work, you could look for a position in research and development for a sporting goods manufacturer.

Most schools, especially ones with their own sporting teams, have a physical education department. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.