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PhD Programs in Economic Studies Economics Political Economy

A PhD is the capstone of academic achievement and requires a lot of work. A student usually earns a master's degree before a PhD, but some fields combine both degrees into one program.

What is a PhD in Political Economics? The study of how laws and governments interact with production and trade is known as political economics. This merging of economics, political science and sociology is an important part of international commerce. Understanding these complex systems requires prior knowledge of economics and various human-centered subjects, such as psychology and anthropology. A PhD in this subject may include research into historic economic systems and how they reverberate into the present, or could look more closely at current systems and where they are headed.

Understanding local and global economies can go a long way both in your job and in your life. The skills learned through this program help with analyzing situations and planning for consequences, both of which are quite useful.

The cost of a PhD in Political Economics depends on the school and the time taken, typically four to six years. Other factors include fees, books, housing and the inclusion of summer courses.

International companies may seek a graduate with a PhD in Political Economics for her or his knowledge of economy interaction. In a broader sense, any entity that interacts with law and the economy may have use for this kind of graduate. Some examples could be environmental protection, communications, archeology and city resource management. Research, both academic and industrial, is another avenue for a PhD graduate to pursue for employment.

There are many schools that offer a PhD in Political Economics and related fields. Finding the school that's right for you is as easy as filling in a little information. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.