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18 PhD Programs in Economic Studies Statistics 2024



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PhD Programs in Economic Studies Statistics

Statistics has slowly but surely become a field of major importance to basically all areas of human activity. A PhD is a prestigious degree perfect for students who would like to pursue an academic career. A PhD in Statistics will give you the chance to combine the two and obtain a highly valued degree in a challenging and respected field.

The key prior knowledge for taking a PhD in Statistics is mathematics and computer science, as these are the two you will be most indulging in. However, prior experience with probability and statistics is a great advantage. Among the areas you will be examining are statistical methods, game theory, decision theory and information theory. All students are given the chance to pursue research in their preferred area of interest while getting support from their professors and colleagues.
Graduates of a PhD program in Statistics will typically find employment in academia or financial services, however, various fields are open to them.

Look at the options listed below, find the school you like best and apply for your PhD in Statistics already today.