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What is a PhD?
A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is the terminal degree for most academic disciplines in countries around the world. Offered at universities in faculties of Physical Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences, Management, Health Sciences, Education, Arts, Engineering and more, PhD degrees show graduates have top qualifications in their field. A PhD is a postgraduate degree to be taken after completion of at least a bachelor’s, and often also a master’s degree or their equivalent. Attaining a PhD entitles the graduate to be referred to with the title “doctor”.

What are the benefits of taking a PhD abroad?
Many students elect to enroll in a PhD program at a university outside of their home country. There are a number of benefits to taking a PhD abroad. For one, students gain valuable exposure to another culture, which in turn has many benefits. PhD students studying abroad thereby have the chance to improve their intercultural communication skills, which are crucial in today’s ever-globalizing marketplace. Additionally, certain PhD programs at various universities around the world have become renowned for their academic rigor, successful publications and well-known professors. PhD students studying abroad in different countries have the chance to do their first-hand research in that country, where the natural, social, political or economic environment might be very different to one’s home country. Being open to studying a PhD abroad has the advantage that the prospective student can select from the world’s top universities in their discipline without being limited to one’s home country.

What do we study in a PhD abroad?
The universities and institutions of higher education around the world that offer PhD programs can be divided into separate categories of general universities (focusing on research and coursework in a wide variety of disciplines), business schools, technical institutions, art schools and education institutions for training teachers of primary and secondary school. There are PhD programs at universities around the world for almost every field across all academic disciplines. The vast majority of PhD programs require candidates to complete independent research and write a dissertation that makes a significant new contribution to the field.

What kind of career improvement can you expect with taking a PhD abroad?
Graduates from PhD programs around the world are met with enhanced career prospects upon completion of their degree. Whether the aim is to go into academia or research, to climb to an executive position in a public or private organization, or to start one’s own business, a PhD will be beneficial. Doctors who completed their PhD abroad have the added advantage of having experienced life in a different culture, having attended a top school in another country, and having completed independent research in a foreign and in some ways more challenging environment.

How much does it cost to take a PhD abroad?
The cost of enrolling in a PhD abroad will vary from university to university, and from country to country. Many PhD candidates apply for funding or financial assistance, either from their academic institution or from a public or private organization or fund. University admissions departments often provide students with information, guidance or assistance in securing funding for their PhDs.

Why take a PhD Online from a university out of your own country?

One popular way to take a PhD from a university in another country is through online study. Doing a PhD online gives students the opportunity to complete coursework, research and communicate with their supervising professor via the most up-to-date e-learning tools. Thousands of students each year enroll in online PhDs at universities outside of their own country. By taking a PhD online from a university abroad, students can benefit from many of the advantages of PhD study abroad without actually having to leave family, work, friends and other commitments at home.

How do PhD programs differ from country to country?
PhD programs differ a great deal from one country to another. For example, PhD programs in the USA take five or more years to complete and involve about two years of required coursework prior to beginning the bulk of one’s research. In the UK and France, PhD candidates are often required to complete some coursework, but students have a good deal of free choice as to which courses they will take to satisfy the requirement. German and Australian universities encourage students to focus almost exclusively on their research and thus normally do not require PhDs to take courses. To find out more about PhD programs in the country of your choice, read more and request more information from the school university in just a few seconds on the program’s detail page.

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