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Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra

Dominican Republic Santiago Santo Domingo January 2019

Meet the PUCMM The Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM) is a Catholic, non-state, community service institution. It was created by the Conference of the Dominican Episcopate, September 9, 1962. It is an institution of higher education that emphasizes academic excellence and is open to all people without distinction of race, social class, ideology or religious beliefs. It focuses on the scientific search for solutions that respond to social problems and … [+] the demands of the common good. Mission "To seek scientific solutions to the challenges faced by the Dominican people and their global environment, and to form leading professionals, endowed with ethical, humanistic and Christian principles, necessary for the material and spiritual development of society, maintaining the character of open space for free discussion of ideas ". view "To be an institution of higher education attached to Christian humanism, national and regional reference for the quality and relevance of their work and with programs accredited internationally." Campus of Santiago The Campus de Santiago is located on the Duarte highway, 1 1/2 km from the city of Santiago de The Knights. This campus, inaugurated on January 26, 1967, is an icon of the city. It occupies an area of ​​950,000 square meters and constitutes a true ecological lung of the region and a beautiful campus-garden that invites to the study and the investigation. With this vision, the architect Francisco Camarena has oriented the works of design of its buildings. This idea seeks to preserve the topography and the original beauty of the landscape and, at the same time, create an appropriate environment for the development of the academic and spiritual life of students, teachers and other members of the University Community. St. Thomas Aquinas Campus The Santo Tomás de Aquino campus is located in the central point of Santo Domingo, Primada city of America. It is made up of a complex of modern buildings located in the perimeter and area surrounding the former Pontifical Seminary of St. Thomas Aquinas, an integral part of the Campus. He began his work in the city of Santo Domingo in 1981. [-]

COINED Spanish Experiences: Learn Spanish in Latin America

Chile Santiago Argentina Buenos Aires Colombia Bogotá Costa Rica San José Cuba Havana Dominican Republic Santo Domingo Ecuador Quito Guatemala Guatemala City Honduras Honduras Online Mexico Guanajuato Spain Madrid Sevilla Barcelona Bariloche Cordoba Mendoza Puerto Madryn Ushuaia Bolivia Sucre Cartagena Salamina Buena Vista Corcovado Flamingo Beach Jaco Beach Manuel Antonio Monteverde Tamarindo Sosua Cuenca Antigua Hawaii Peten Copan La Ceiba Guadalajara Merida Mexico City Oaxaca Puerto Vallarta Playa del Carmen February 2018 + 48 more

Coined is a global organization leader in Latin America in the International Education field. Our Spanish Schools located all over Latin America are the best option if you’re thinking about learning this fascinating language. We are passionate about what we do and our mission is to develop Life-Changing experiences. With that in mind, we offer International experiences in the Education, Languages and Work fields. All of our programs are life-changing experiences and involve a… [+] full immersion whether taking a trip abroad or receiving someone from another culture. With Intercultural Centers in 47 cities in 14 Hispano American countries, we are specialists in programs that have Spanish as the main ingredient. Our “Experiencias en Español” involve over 4000 participants per year. COINED Schools Our Spanish Schools located all over Latin America are the best option if you’re thinking about learning this fascinating language. From the main office all activities, syllabuses, promotions, advertising are coordinated and standardized. That allows us to monitor the process from the beginning to the end and guarantees our participants the best quality service. We were born in 1971 organizing bilateral exchanges among German and Argentinean high school students. As time went by we became innovative offering intercultural exchanges when the transportation and communications weren't like today. We knew that by making these intercultural experiences possible we were collaborating with the construction of the better world. Then we founded the first school for Spanish as a foreign language to promote the 3er largest language in the world and the first Latin American destination, Argentina. We expanded with new programs and destinations, specializing in programs in Español. Simultaneously we generated programs tailor-made for Spanish and Latin American participants could live intercultural experiences all over the world. Including our work experience programs: volunteer and internships available in different countries of Latin America. Our strengths We consolidated personal development, professional and intercultural of our programs' participants through a structure of our cultural centers and associated organizations worldwide. We renew Our commitment to offering the best quality servicer. As a result of our hard work and dedication, we have active participation in the international education development along the most important organizations within the industry. Contact [-]

ADEN campus Republica Domincana

PhD Dominican Republic Santo Domingo January 2019

Santo Domingo has become one of the biggest cultural, financial, political, commercial and industrial centers of the Dominican Republic. The city has the main and oldest port in the country allowing liquid trading, attracting renowned international companies and franchises. The largest and most recognized companies in the country are located in the city of Santo Domingo, where are located most of the offices or branches of foreign companies. That is why, through our executive… [+] training programs, we seek to strengthen strategic and leadership skills in highly competitive international contexts that allow managers today lead and encourage innovation processes within their organizations. INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOPS As part of the educational proposal for our Allumni we have developed a series of international workshops to be held in the following cities: Miami, Panama and Bogota. Globalization, competition and technology have blurred the boundaries of business. During the academic week, management tools that give harmony and synchronization between the different variables involved in the international concert business are provided. theory and practice in geopolitical, commercial, financial processes is integrated, and humane management of intercultural teams. What should be expected of this course is the vision of the direction, that is, the political decision about management decisions and operational decisions. The course will run from a dialogued exposure, with real examples and "live" from ideas, situations and planteos generated by students in real life, and connect with the concepts raised during the same course cases. The aim is to achieve a forum for dialogue, networking and exchange of new trends in the business world. The workshops are held in different cities and in different months: Panama, July Bogotá, month of September Miami, month of October [-]

ADEN Business School

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ADEN is an international educational network accredited by ACBSP, whose main activity is its Business School, Founded in 1992. It is focused on the professional development of executives and business managers, both modality as e-learning; and currently it has 26 offices spread across 17 countries in Latin America and Europe. It relies on applied research conducted within the University Senior Management. It also enjoys the endorsement of prestigious American and European… [+] universities to certify their training. It is characterized by the innovation of learning models aimed at the practical application and use of methodologies interactive, experiential and recreational classes by teachers who pass on their vast managerial experience and transfer best practices among companies throughout Latin America and Spain . EDUCATION ORIENTED PRACTICE The pioneer ADEN transfer system is different from traditional business schools, it emphasizes action-oriented learning, applying the theory to the world of business. 26 VENUES in 17 countries Advanced technology training programs with global vision THE BIGGEST BUSINESS NETWORK OF LATIN AMERICA Since its inception, ADEN was essential not only to expand their teaching methodology executives, but also prepare them to face an internationalized world. For this reason he decided to implement an educational network that allows each of its students to gain valuable experiences from other cultures who share the same language. MISSION Form business leaders through an international educational network for the study and application of the most advanced knowledge and management tools, based on a community of executives who promote the professional growth of its members and cooperate with improving the competitiveness of enterprises and development of the countries where ADEN is. VALUES Dignity: consider the person as an end in itself, recognizing its intrinsic value, their freedoms, rights and responsibilities. Solidarity assume the commitment to cooperate, through the educational role and actions of solidarity with the common good of those who live in countries where ADEN is. Consensus / Community: develop a sense of community among members of the group, made up of students, teachers and staff of ADEN Business School. Pragmatism: understand and promote the value of knowledge, theory and truth, with a practical approach, to contribute to the cultural development of the region and entrepreneur. Diversity: integrate and accommodate executives without differentiation of gender, nationality, race, religion, or political or ideological affinity. [-]