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Go Abroad China

China Shanghai Beijing Hong Kong Shenzhen Qingdao USA Wilmington September 2018 + 3 more

About Us Go Abroad China is a 13-year-old organization devoted to fostering international understanding through Learn Chinese in China, and internship in China programs. Our company is one of the biggest Global Internship Placements and Chinese language teaching providers. Go Abroad China was founded on the precepts that the best way to learn Chinese and experience Chinese culture is through immersion in a Chinese environment which separates spoken Chinese and Character recognition,… [+] has been proven to expedite Mandarin Chinese language learning. If you want to progress your spoken Chinese quicker and understand the logic of Chinese characters’ construction, that coming to China should be fun and exciting, not difficult! Go Abroad China is also known for our paid internship in China for international students with some of the Fortune 500 companies, you Choose from the most exciting and important 14 industry sectors operating in China with Go Abroad China, develop professional skills in your preferred industry. All of our programs offer the unique opportunity to develop professional skills in your preferred industry. Whilst also gaining exposure to China’s dynamic culture and lifestyle. 10 reasons to choose Go Abroad China 1. Established in 2003, and the only program organizer to provide not only the internship program but also the study Chinese program and study tour program in China. 2. Qualified and experienced teachers, all the degree qualified, bilingual, comprehensively trained and have lots of Chinese teaching hours experience. 3. A wide range of programs for all levels, a small group Chinese classes, private tutoring, study at China top universities such as BlCU, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Internship programs etc. 4. Credits, transcript, and certificates, which are recognized and accepted by all universities in the world. 5. A wide range of effective and practical Chinese courses for all levels. 6. A range of quality accommodation options- homestay, private apartment and shared apartment. 7. Great students' life, various fun cultural activities, making friends from around the world. 8. Professional service staff to help you to settle in China. 9. Personalized follow up during your internship or study in China. 10. Academic partnerships all around the globe. WHY GAC WHY GO ABROAD CHINA Well, having decided to come to China, the best way to experience this country is to join us! We are glad to take the frustration out of your trip while you focus on study, touring, or the internship work experience. We take pride in the following aspects of our organization: An All-Inclusive Service Pack The best thing about us is that all of our program fees are definite; you do not need to pay any extra fees for the services listed. Our package includes, but is not limited to: Excursions and trips Pre-departure assistance and onsite orientation Airport transfers Total program fee also includes housing Textbooks Networking and cultural events Certificate of completion and credit transfer Please take a look at our full list of GAC support and assistance services. Round the clock 24/7 support service Our staff is multinational, highly competent, professional and friendly, and we always strive to provide the best service to our international clients. We ensure that your every need is attended to, ensure your safety and do all that is necessary to help you adjust to life in China upon the first arrival. Need some travel advice? Have trouble purchasing things at the supermarket? Want an English-speaking doctor in the middle of the night? No problem! These are precisely the things we take care of. Our unparalleled availability and top quality service are our strongest points. Language & Culture Immersion Here we urge our clients to take what they learned in the classroom and go use it to engage local Chinese people. From business Chinese lessons, basic things like learning names of countries in Chinese, then moving higher to richer content. On the cultural side, you can take part in exciting Chinese cooking classes, martial arts, enjoy the varied Chinese cuisine, and many more activities. It is our number one priority here at Go Abroad China to give you a platform to make the most out of your trip to China. The is really the best way to learn Chinese; an interesting combination of language and culture. Networking Opportunity This is particularly important to our clients taking part in the internship program. We organize networking events to help them meet and gain knowledge from influential and successful business individuals. You never know which contact may lead to long-term employment! Besides that, we also help our different program participants also get to one another, leading to new friendships. For those doing paid internships in China, creating these networks is particularly important. GAC Financial Support We believe that if you really want to come to China then nothing should stand in your way. That is why we offer GAC scholarships and other forms of financial aid to the most qualified candidates annually, proving our dedication to the promotion of cultural bridges and mutual understanding. Professionalism and Honesty We are a team of hardworking, professional employees and always make sure that all of our clients’ personal information that is sent to us during the application process is treated with the highest level of confidentiality and solely used for program application only. Proven Quality and Satisfaction Guaranteed Our customers’ happiness and satisfaction are at the forefront of our values. Should you not be satisfied or have more specific requirements regarding any of our programs, we are ready to customize and seek further alternatives to meet your needs. Over the years, we have received participants from over 20 different countries; and due to hard work, we have consistently received positive feedback from our clients. Some of our alumni even recommend their friends to get on board and experience China with the Go Abroad China organization. Please take a look at our Participants’ Feedback and Video Testimonial to understand how we operate. Payment Policy and Best Competitive Price When applying for any of our programs, we only require a small deposit as an upfront payment. This deposit will, of course, be deducted from the total program fee; you will NOT be required to pay the full program cost until we provide you with a detailed program placement that you are happy with, this is to ensure that you have no risk. With over 10 years’ experience and a solid place in the industry, our prices are competitive yet still guarantee that you get the most out of the program you have paid for. As a fully functioning company, we know how the market operates; our niche is providing international standard service at an affordable price, which has kept us operating and able to withstand the competition for many years. [-]

IES Abroad

USA Chicago Netherlands Amsterdam France Arles New Zealand Auckland Spain Barcelona China Beijing Germany Berlin Argentina Buenos Aires South Africa Cape Town Christchurch Ireland Dublin Freiburg Granada United Kingdom London Madrid Italy Milan Japan Nagoya Nantes New York Nice Paris Oxford Ecuador Quito Morocco Rabat Rome Salamanca Chile Santiago Shanghai Siena Australia Sydney Tokyo Puerto Ayora Austria Vienna Hong Kong September 2018 + 47 more

A highly charged force who will move your world. Everything we do is about the IES Abroad student. Our profoundly passionate team of study abroad professionals believes in creating once-in-a-lifetime educational adventures that transcend expectations. Our goal is to rock the world of some 6,000 study abroad students every year. From our headquarters in Chicago to our 125+ study abroad programs in more than 30 global locations worldwide, we create authentic global education… [+] and life-affirming cultural experiences. We work at IES Abroad because we believe that every student should have the opportunity to go abroad – especially for a fun, safe, and superior academic and cultural environment. We believe so strongly in the power of our program, that we actively recruit students from diverse populations and provide more than $4 million in scholarships year after year. We are proud that our students are as diverse and exciting as the countries they study in. Who We Are The Institute for the International Education of Students (“IES Abroad”) represents a consortium of more than 235 U.S. colleges and universities. As a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, IES Abroad has an all-volunteer Board of Directors and an extensive academic governance system that includes 5 committees featuring democratic representation from the IES Abroad Consortium. Since its founding in 1950, over 100,000 students have participated in IES Abroad international study abroad programs. IES Abroad operates 120+ programs in more than 30 locations in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, Australia and New Zealand. With 6,000+ students enrolled in IES Abroad programs each year, IES Abroad is the largest study abroad provider in the United States and an innovative leader in the study abroad field. Our Mission IES Abroad educates students to become global leaders through premier study abroad and internship programs, which offer students worldwide experiential learning opportunities that meet the highest standards of academic quality. Our Vision Our vision for the future remains connected to the original IES Abroad program in 1950, a world filled with interculturally competent leaders who have both the understanding and skills to effectively, humanely, and positively navigate across different cultures, in politics, education, business, or the non-profit sector. Our Philosophy We are committed to placing the interests of our students first, to the delivery of superior academic programs, and to providing excellent service to our students and educational partners around the world. These are our highest priorities. We believe transparency, best practices, and maintaining the integrity of our business principles are in the best interests of our students, our global academic partners, and our organization. The governance structure of IES Abroad features a system of oversight characterized by consortium member and third-party driven checks and balances. What we offer A passport to global citizenship. IES Abroad creates a journey—an exhilarating challenge of academics and cultural immersion—an unmatched global educational experience. Our world-class faculty and demanding, relevant courses engage and inspire students as they discover unexpected ways of learning both inside and outside the classroom. Soon, our students find themselves at the intersection of language proficiency and intercultural communication as they learn to navigate the world as 21st-century global citizens. Here's how we do it: More than 125 academic programs Programs in 30+ cities and 21 countries A network of 600+ Ambassadors who have volunteered to answer questions More than 1,200 IES Abroad courses taught by qualified international faculty Credit transfer, based on programs already approved by students’ home schools or through programs accredited by IES Abroad’s School of Record, the University of Rochester Housing options secured and vetted by IES Abroad, including homestays, residence halls with local university students, and/or apartments (often with a local resident assistant) More than $4 million in IES Abroad scholarships and aid available Option to take courses at one of our international partner universities alongside local students Personal advising to assist with pre-departure questions, concerns, and processes Assistance with the visa application process Comprehensive health and safety services, which include: 24/7 emergency staff assistance onsite in each location to respond to immediate health and safety needs of students International health insurance for emergency purposes U.S.-based Dean of Students and support staff who establish and oversee health and safety protocol, consult with IES Abroad Centers to maintain high standards of safety, and serve as an emergency contact An international policy plan for crisis management and emergency procedures in all locations for evacuation in the event of natural disaster, political unrest, or terrorist action. Comprehensive pre-departure resources, including cultural and academic information Access to Moodle, an online learning environment that engages students outside the classroom Family support, including the IES Abroad Family Guide Experienced and dedicated local staff on-site Meals, depending on housing selection Internships and field placements in areas such as Art/Theatre, Business, Education, Government/Politics, Law, Sciences/Health-related programs, Social/NGO Organizations Service learning and volunteer opportunities at various local, national and international charitable organizations in areas such as Animal Welfare, Community Development, Economic Development, Education, Health, Human Rights, etc. Comprehensive orientation and re-entry programming that focuses on cultural adjustment, goal setting, and achievement, and preparing for the return home Access to organized field trips and cultural events Transcript Access to our 100,000+ alumni network and The Exchange bi-annual newsletter [-]

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

PhD Hong Kong September 2018

Situated at the heart of Asia, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) is a young and distinguished research university in Hong Kong. Ranked No. 30 in the World in the QS World University Rankings (2018), HKUST offers a wide selection of research postgraduate studies in Science, Engineering, Business and Management, Humanities and Social Science, Environmental Studies, and Public Policy leading to the Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and the Doctor of Philosophy… [+] (PhD) degrees. All programs are taught in English. Global and Diverse Research Community The greatest place is always made up of the greatest people. HKUST has a strong team of international faculty, including renowned names and rising stars in different fields. All faculty members are PhD holders from the world-renowned universities. Its postgraduate student community is truly global and diverse with students coming from 60+ countries. You will study and be inspired by the like-minded talents from different parts of the world. More… Research Excellence in HKUST Joining the research community at HKUST, you will be one of us to innovate the world together. With our renowned professors and state-of-the-art research facilities, HKUST is always driving major technological and scientific advancement. Its research excellence could be exemplified by its No. 1 result among all local institutions in the Research Assessment Exercise conducted by the Hong Kong Government in 2014. Also, HKUST provides strong infrastructural support for faculty and students to overcome traditional boundaries and cross-field challenges in their research. It creates an interdisciplinary environment that fosters cooperation, helps generate groundbreaking ideas, and allows these ideas to be tested and realized. More… Fully-Funded Research Postgraduate Studies To support your studies, HKUST also provides a Postgraduate Studentship with monthly stipend of HK$16,660 (~US$2,100) to the full-time research postgraduate students. The funding is up to 2 years for full-time MPhil student and 4 years for full-time PhD student. Besides, the University will provide guaranteed university accommodation in your first two years of the research studies. Even better, there are various funding and scholarship opportunities available to support your research studies at HKUST, including the Overseas Research Awards, Fulbright Junior Research Awards, Research Travel Grants, etc. More… The University is now inviting applications for 2019/20 admissions. Apply now at the HKUST Online Admission System! [-]

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

PhD Hong Kong September 2018

Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) is a professional discipline that focuses on developing and implementing optimal solutions from a system-level perspective. This involves people, technology, quality, finance, information, and environmental issues. The main role of an Industrial Systems Engineer is to organize and work harmoniously with others to streamline operational procedures, improve productivity and overall system performance. The ultimate goal is to increase… [+] efficiency, reduce operating costs, and increase customer satisfaction. ISE is different from other traditional engineering disciplines whereby knowledge and skills are applied to specific areas. For example, traditional manufacturing engineers usually work in a production environment. By contrast, ISE provides you with the opportunity to work in a variety of organizations including both the industrial and commercial sectors. In this connection, Industrial and Systems Engineers have a much more flexible career path. ISE graduates are employed in organizations that are in new product development, transportation, theme parks, logistic services, banks, public utilities, business development consultancy enterprises, government departments, etc. The ultimate objective of the ISE discipline is to provide leadership in the design of integrated industrial and commercial systems for the advancement and well-being of the community. The facilities in the Department of ISE are unparalleled in Hong Kong and the region. These include: PolyU Microsoft Enterprise Systems Centre <li>The Knowledge Management and Innovation Research Centre</li> <li>Microsystems Technology Centre</li> <li>The Digital Factory</li> <li>Partner State Key Laboratory of Ultra-precision Machining Technology</li> <li>Advanced Manufacturing Technology Research Centre</li> These facilities range from state-of-the-art hardware and software for advanced manufacturing technology development, logistics simulation, systems development tools for e-business, computer-aided design, to virtual product development. The Department is also actively engaged in collaboration with industry via joint research projects, consultancies, and teaching company schemes. This strong collaboration with both local and regional industries, together with its excellent facilities and staff expertise, provides students with the opportunity to be immersed in this collaborative environment which will be of great benefit to them when they graduate. [-]

Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong THEi

Hong Kong September 2018

THEi was set up in 2012 by the Vocational Training Council of Hong Kong to offer degree programmes with a difference. They are innovative as many are in niche areas, combining areas of study not often found in Hong Kong but much needed by it. They are vocationally and professionally oriented and developed with significant industry input, with the ‘learn and do’ approach enabling students to apply specialised knowledge and skills to real-world issues. All our programmes inc… [+] lude meaningful industry attachments with international and local firms in Hong Kong and overseas to provide students with first-hand experience of working in the real world. Our difference is also seen in the way we deal with general education, now compulsory in higher education to help students understand the world beyond their disciplinary studies. It is not all done in the first year, as tends to be the case in most other institutions, but spread over the years, so it is not something to be done quickly and forgotten. Languages studies, meant to enable students to communicate well, are related to the study programmes to make them more relevant and interesting. And subsidised overseas study tours will widen their horizon even more. What we do is totally in line with the recent call by the HKSAR Government for society to recognise the important role played by vocational and professional education in the economy. This is the central message of the report by the Task Force on Promotion of Vocational Education that it set up in June 2014. This is why seven of our programmes, the largest number among the self-funded higher education institutions, have been chosen by the Government for its Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions/Sectors, which offers very generous subsidies to students admitted through JUPAS. All of our programmes are, of course, accredited by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications and, where necessary, by professional bodies in Hong Kong and overseas. In the short time we have been around, we have established ourselves as a higher education institution with a difference, one that fills an important gap in Hong Kong. We offer degree programmes for the real world, ones that work for society and students. In short, we aim to produce work-ready graduates. [-]

Hang Seng Management College - School of Business

Hong Kong September 2018

Welcome to the Hang Seng Management College, School of Business As the newly appointed Dean of School, it is a great honour to welcome you to the Hang Seng Management College. As a Business School, we are devoted to providing quality business education by our commitment to follow HSMC’s “Liberal + Professional” approach to learning. Liberal, as we aim to nurture innovative young people, through offering a broad base curriculum that provides student exposure both within their… [+] discipline and across the liberal arts. Professional, in terms of distilling our strong links with industry, commerce and professions in order for students to become responsible citizens and well-equipped to enter the knowledge-based workplace and society. We aspire to offer one of the finest student experiences in business education in Hong Kong and are committed to providing an educational experience based mainly on small group delivery that fosters student engagement. The quality of our programmes is proven by the many awards won by our students in various competitions, as well as the many compliments provided by different employers. The School currently offers a four-year undergraduate Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programme with pathway concentrations in Accounting, Banking and Finance, and Marketing; a BBA in Corporate Governance; a BBA in Financial Analysis and a BBA in Management. Recently, the School has embarked on a new initiative to launch a Master of Science in Entrepreneurial Management and this will be offered in the 2018/19 academic year. In line with the vision to become a reputable global business school and build on our strengths in teaching, learning and research, we plan to seek AACSB accreditation and preparation is now underway. The success of the School lies in the concerted effort of both the faculty members and students. Our faculty members mainly consist of doctorate qualified academics and/or industry practitioners who are recognised experts in their field. They all share a high degree of enthusiasm and are committed to supporting students to reach their potential as tomorrow’s business leaders. I encourage you to come and visit our School and see for yourself the excellent environment that you could join. Please feel free to browse our website and learn more about the School of Business. We welcome your feedback, so if you have any suggestions or comments, we can be contacted at sbus@hsmc.edu.hk. We look forward to welcoming you at HSMC. Professor Bradley R. BarnesDean, School of Business [-]

Hong Kong Raffles School Of Continuing Education

Hong Kong September 2018

Raffles Education Corporation Limited Raffles Education Corporation Limited (“RafflesEducation” or “the Group”) is a growing premier private education provider, owner and manager of education assets and facilities, and education-linked real estate investor and developer.Since establishing its first college in Singapore in 1990, RafflesEducation has grown to provide a full spectrum of education services through a vast network of 25 colleges and universities in 23 cities … [+] across 13 countries globally: Australia, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Switzerland and Thailand. More than 20,000 students enrolled in RafflesEducation’s tertiary programmes benefit from a quality education that provides graduates with a well-rounded hands-on experience relevant to the industry.The Group also invests and manages an expanding portfolio of education assets in Asia and Europe.Headquartered in Singapore, RafflesEducation employs close to 2,000 academic and administrative staff and is listed on the Mainboard of the Singapore Exchange. International Learning Environment At Raffles International College Hong Kong, we provide students with a rich English learning environment through an international academic team and student body. Studying in an international environment enables our students to expand their personal network and be exposed to international perspectives. It also helps to shape our students their unique design personality.Raffles International College Hong Kong lecturers come from all over the world. All of them are professional designers or established professionals with strong industry backgrounds and a wealth of technical knowledge. They are committed to imparting their real-life industry experience gained from to students.Raffles International College Hong Kong students also come from more than 30 countries around the globe – e.g. Australia, Canada, Colombia, France, Hong Kong, Indonesian, India, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Russia, United Kingdom, United States, Singapore and many more. With the diverse cultural and educational backgrounds, our classes are filled with dynamic interactions and exchanges of interesting ideas and values. Professional Academic Team Our educators are more than teachers. They are creative practitioners and experts in their own professions, bringing students into close contact with industry and helping students explore different job opportunities available. Collectively, their diverse backgrounds and wealth of cultural and industry knowledge translate into an added learning advantage for students.With small class sizes, each student receives personal attention and mentoring. Lecturers are well aware of each student’s strengths and progress and help them reach their unique potential. Campus and E-resource We are committed to providing the best learning environment for our students that aid them in their learning journeys. Situated in the heart of the city with just a 5-minute walk to the MTR station, our students are in close proximity to the city’s vibrant retail scene. Our campus consists of two levels, housing 6 classrooms, 6 specialized rooms and a library.Our specialized rooms (Fashion room, Sewing room, Visual room, Photography room, 3D room, Illustration room) provide our students with the latest equipment and technological applications. With a wireless network, students can gain free access to online resources anywhere and anytime in the entire campus. E-Resource To assist Raffles’ students in learning and receiving related materials, we offer e-resource and e-library system. With their own login, Raffles’ designers can access to various e-resource including research materials and Harvard referencing guide etc. Gale Databases for Raffles HK students: http://infotrac.galegroup.com/itweb/hkric Raffles College (RCDC) Library Website: http://www.rafflescollegelibrary.com/ [-]

WMG School for Professional Development at VTC in HONG KONG

Hong Kong September 2018

Sharing the same vision of providing quality education and striving for excellence, WMG at the University of Warwick and the Vocational Training Council (VTC) have aligned themselves to provide a valued choice to those who wish to acquire values, knowledge, and skills for enhancing their employability. With the establishment of the WMG School for Professional Development in the VTC, students can receive high-quality education in Hong Kong from a world-class university. About… [+] the University of Warwick Established in 1965, the University of Warwick is one of the leading higher education institutions in the UK. It is a uniquely successful institution, with an acknowledged reputation for excellence in both research and teaching, for innovation and for links with business and industry. (The University of Warwick). University of Warwick, UK, ranked top 10 in the UK University national league tables and 57th in the world. Ranked No. 57 - QS World University Rankings, 2018 Ranked No. 8 - The Complete University Guide 2018 Ranked No. 7 - The Times and the Sunday Times Good University Guide 2017 Ranked No. 8 - The Guardian University Guide 2018 Benefits of Studying at WMG Study in an international cosmopolitan city in Asia at more affordable costs Programme includes an Industrial Project in Hong Kong / Mainland China Have the flexibility to take at most two modules at the WMG’s other overseas centres in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore or UK. About Vocational Training Council Established in 1982, the Vocational Training Council (VTC) is the largest vocational education, training and professional development group in Hong Kong. VTC provides valuable credentials for some 250,000 students each year through a full range of pre-employment and in-service programmes with internationally recognised qualifications. VTC entered into collaboration with the University of Warwick, UK to launch the first Master's programme in Hong Kong in 2009 with a view to grooming more high standard professionals for Hong Kong to drive the growth of industries. (VTC). About WMG It is a multi-disciplinary academic department at the University of Warwick, established by Professor Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya in 1980. It offers unrivaled postgraduate education to over 1,500 students around the world each year. Research and development work is undertaken in collaboration with industry in the UK and overseas and is dedicated to finding solutions to real-world problems. Tutors are highly qualified with significant experience in business or industry. [-]

Centennial College

Hong Kong September 2018

Centennial College will not be admitting new students in 2019-20. THE BIRTH OF CENTENNIAL COLLEGE Centennial College is an independent College established by The University of Hong Kong. In 1912, The University of Hong Kong (HKU) opened its doors to its first class of students in a bold initiative to meet the educational needs of society at that time. Now, in its centenary year, HKU has taken another bold step, by establishing Centennial College and bringing a new era of… [+] high quality, self-financed, multidisciplinary Bachelor Degree programmes to provide new opportunities for today's students. LIBERAL ARTS AT CENTENNIAL COLLEGE At Centennial College, our liberal arts education covers a two-year core curriculum (embracing liberal arts and sciences) and allows students to choose their majors at the end of the second year. Existing majors will be consolidated and reconstructed into the B.A. programme and a new B.Soc.Sc. programme to be accreditated. We maintain a small size of 800 to 1000 students, emphasising intra-curricular out-of-class activities, international exposure, seminar courses, reading and writing, trans-disciplinarity, interactions, and close teacher-student relationships. In addition to the small number of privately-rented off-campus accommodation provided by HKU, we have plans afoot for the provision of more places. GUARANTEED SCHOLARSHIPS & TUITION WAIVERS OF UP TO 4 YEARS Centennial College is committed to supporting students who choose to pursue a liberal arts education with us. We also endeavour to retain the most talented students and provide them with enriching opportunities through the award of a variety of scholarships, tuition waivers and grants. In 2017-18, the overseas students may be awarded up to 4 years of scholarship which is valued up to a maximum of nearly half a million of Hong Kong dollars (equivalent to approx. US$ 63,500) across 4 years. SCHOLARSHIPS & TUITION WAIVERS For the 1st and 2nd academic year Scholarships/Tuition Waivers will be guaranteed for each of the first two years if you meet the following requirements in the public examinations upon admissions to the College. Applicants with other overseas qualifications will also be considered. Scholarship of HK$119,000 per annum (equivalent to full tuition waiver) IB: 36 points or above IAL/GCEAL: 1A and 1B, or equivalent^ SAT: 1960 out of 2400 or above, or equivalent score under the New System ACT: 30 points or above Tuition Waiver of HK$44,500 per annum IB: 31-35 points IAL/GCEAL: 1B and 1C, or equivalent^ SAT: 1800-1950 out of 2400, or equivalent score under the New System ACT: 27-29 points Tuition Waiver of HK$30,000 per annum IB: 30 points IAL/GCEAL: 2C or equivalent^ SAT: 1600-1790 out of 2400, or equivalent score under the New System ACT: 23-26 points For the 3rd and 4th academic year The continuation of the Scholarships/Tuition Waivers for the 3rd and the 4th years are subject to the Yearly Grade Point Average (YGPA) obtained at the College in the 2nd and 3rd academic year respectively. YGPA ≥ 3.20 = Scholarship of HK$ 129,000 per annum (equivalent to full tuition waiver) YGPA ≥ 2.80 ≤ 3.19 = Tuition Waiver of HK$49,500 per annum YGPA ≥ 2.40 ≤ 2.79 = Tuition Waiver of HK$33,000 per annum A Guaranteed 4-year Living Grant In addition to the abovementioned awards, a guaranteed living grant of HK$25,000 (equivalent to approx. US$3,200) per annum will be awarded to each of the overseas students to partially support their settlement and living in Hong Kong. ^ excluding English and Chinese Language or other languages that substitute Chinese Language Please find the conditions and details from the official website of Centennial College. [-]

Hong Kong Design Institute

Hong Kong September 2018

About Us Committed to providing quality education to cultivate knowledge, professionalism and new talents for the evolving creative industries, Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) adopts a “Think and Do” approach through contemporary curriculum and active collaborations with industry. With many years of experience in design education, HKDI brings together the strengths of the Design departments to offer programmes spanning across Foundation Studies, Communication Design and… [+] Digital Media, Fashion and Image Design, and Product and Interior Design. Following a philosophy of encouraging creativity in action, the state-of-the-art campus of HKDI was designed to provide an open and dynamic environment conducive to creative learning and innovative exploration. It blends an open outlook with teaching and learning spaces that encourage interaction, cross-fertilisation of ideas and responsiveness to the community and the wider world. As a leading provider of design education in the region, the HKDI is committed to offering excellent learning opportunities to keep pace with the growing demand of the creative industries. A Dynamic Learning Environment The HKDI commenced the 2010/11 academic year in its award-winning new campus in Tiu Keng Leng. The campus is dedicated to providing the most dynamic learning environment for quality design education. Creativity in Action The HKDI’s comprehensive design programmes include activities to nurture your creative thinking and decision-making skills, cultural sensitivity and global perspective. The HKDI experience is based on a “think-and-do” approach that will allow you to develop your passion for design while imparting the skills and knowledge needed for success. Quality Programmes and Student Support Our curriculum is designed with input from industry leaders to ensure its relevance and responsiveness to industry developments. HKDI programmes are quality assured by the Hong Kong Council for the Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications. Our students and alumni are provided with career development advisory and support services. Through articulation arrangements with renowned overseas universities, HKDI Higher Diploma graduates can pursue Top-up Degree courses locally and attain degree qualifications within one or two years. A Valued Choice to Success Design can offer you a rewarding and fulfilling career. We look forward to having you as a member of the HKDI family. [-]

Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education

Hong Kong September 2018

As a member of the VTC Group, the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) is the leading vocational and professional education provider in Hong Kong, committed to nurturing professionals valued by industries. IVE has been evolving in tandem with the economic development of Hong Kong, building a competent and innovative workforce needed in a knowledge economy. Excellent Facilities To enrich the learning experience of IVE students, facilities of industry standards… [+] are set up to simulate the workplace environment. Our laboratories and centres are upgraded on a regular basis to keep abreast with the latest industry trends. Vibrant Campuses Students entering an IVE programme will discover an enriching and fun-filled study life. Our 9 IVE campuses create an interactive learning environment for students to cultivate a passion for learning and develop their interests and talents through various sports and cultural activities. IVE's campuses across the territory are fully equipped with essential state-of-the-art facilities to prepare students for a well-rounded campus life. Each campus was purpose-built with specialised facilities for students of different disciplines to gain know-how and practical skills in their chosen areas. Teaching Excellence Our highly-qualified teaching team possesses solid industry experience. With our unique “Think and Do” approach, our teachers impart balanced academic knowledge and practical know-how required in the actual workplace essential for professional success. With the implementation of staff development programmes, teaching staff stay on the pulse of industry developments. Students can learn from their teachers the most up-to-date knowledge and be equipped with competencies for their future development. Strong Industry Network IVE strives to forge long-term industry partnership in support of our course planning and curriculum design. Industry support also takes the form of interactive learning activities, opportunities for industry attachment and job placements. Promising Future Our students consistently receive numerous awards and scholarships, testimony to their academic excellence and outstanding achievements. Over 300 scholarships are provided by corporations, professional bodies and enthusiasts. [-]

General Assembly

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A Leader in Education Since 2011, General Assembly has transformed tens of thousands of careers through pioneering, experiential education in today’s most in-demand skills. When you learn web development, data, design, business, and more with GA, you get: Award-winning curriculum and expert instructors, on campus and online. A global, professional community of 40,000-plus full- and part-time alumni. Career results from leading-edge courses, with mentorship each step of t… [+] he way. Who We Are General Assembly is a pioneer in education and career transformation, specializing in today’s most in-demand skills. The leading source for training, staffing, and career transitions, we foster a flourishing community of professionals pursuing careers they love. What began as a co-working space in 2011 has since grown into a global learning experience with campuses in 20 cities and over 35,000 graduates worldwide. As individuals and companies struggle to compete in an increasingly technological economy, General Assembly provides award-winning, dynamic training to close the global skills gap. Disclaimer: While General Assembly has a number of International students at our campuses throughout the world, we are unable to assist International students with acquiring a visa to attend our courses. If you require a visa to attend a General Assembly course, please check with your local embassy to obtain the requirements and limitations. Thank you so much for considering General Assembly as your learning partner. What We Do General Assembly fosters an elite professional community of individuals and companies through education and strategic career connections. Educating Individuals Build vital skills at all professional levels Collaborate and connect with an elite network Change and boost your career and portfolio Hiring Opportunities We are bridging the gap between job seekers and companies needing talent with relevant skills. Educating Companies Partnerships with Fortune 1000 companies Customized staff training to advance employees Dedicated hiring pipeline to acquire GA alumni What We Teach We provide innovative training for lifelong learning and success in the in-demand fields of today’s rapidly changing technological economy. Coding UX & Design Data Marketing Business Career Development Why General Assembly Award-winning education Our curriculum is crafted by a team of expert instructional designers to ensure relevant, current coursework immediately applicable to the field. Dynamic, innovative learning We leverage the latest technological tools to provide our students with an engaging, blended online and offline learning experience. Career growth with top employers We help our community thrive with a specialized, full-time team that gets students jobs, partnerships, and collaborations with over 2,500 innovative employers. Access to GA’s Alumni Network Connect with the globe’s top talent as part of our network of over 35,000 alumni and pursue success with an exclusive group of creative professionals. What Makes General Assembly Exceptional? We Offer Training in Tech, Data, Design, Business, and More Today’s complex, global economy requires a skilled workforce that can leverage technology to fuel success. General Assembly’s robust suite of courses includes all the fundamental pillars of innovation to give individuals and teams several options for growth and development. We offer programs in web development, data science and analysis, user experience design, digital marketing, product management, and more. Students can choose from a range of formats and modalities to help them best achieve their goals, including full-time, part-time, and short-form options — on campus, and online. We Have a Vast Global Network 20 campuses. 10,000+ hiring partners. 40,000+ full- and part-time course grads. And then there are the hundreds of thousands of attendees to our events and workshops. General Assembly’s global presence, alumni network, and hiring partners are three of our biggest assets. In addition to courses designed exclusively to meet employer needs, we foster a pipeline of industry professionals who serve as instructors, mentors, and coaches. This thriving professional network helps our recent graduates find jobs and make connections, setting them up for success on the job, and in life. We Adapt to the Market Dynamic fields like data science and web development evolve in real time, and we continuously pilot, launch, and sunset programs to respond to market demand and the evolution of tools and techniques. Our world-class team of instructional designers, subject matter experts, and education product managers continuously refresh our content to ensure relevancy. By leveraging data, feedback, and insights from our proprietary assessments, we produce coursework that results in the maximum impact on the job. We Focus on Employer Needs and Relationships Deep employer relationships have always been an essential part of General Assembly’s DNA. Roughly half of our part-time students are funded by employers who want their employees trained by our experts, and GA curricula are guided by industry needs. We’ve helped dozens of Fortune 100 companies — and hundreds of other businesses worldwide — to assess and train their talent, on-site, online, or at our campuses. We also provide hiring solutions for companies seeking a diverse pipeline of candidates who are job-ready, armed with in-demand skills. We Invest in Access and Opportunity As part of our commitment to accessible and affordable education, we're focused on developing programs and financing options to ensure that students have the means and support systems they need to learn at GA. In addition to innovative programs like Adobe Digital Academy, Opportunity Fund, CodeBridge, and TechIMPACT — which provide scholarships and free training programs to underserved and overlooked talent — we work with employers and financing providers to help get education costs covered. Our innovative hybrid and online immersive programs reach individuals who live outside major metro areas and give them access to the same quality education our campuses are known for. Building Innovative Courses With Proven Results World-Class Instructional Team General Assembly’s instructional team represents the elite of today’s biggest and brightest companies. Course instructors and designers come from top businesses including Google, Amazon, Airbnb, and IBM, sharing real-world experience and insight in the classroom each day. Team members undertake an extensive training program that ensures their effectiveness at fostering new talent. Continuous Development To ensure excellence in the classroom and relevancy on the job, our instructional design and product teams work tirelessly to iterate, adapt, and evolve our curriculums. Our agile instructional design process means each of our courses goes through at least two updates per year. Each new release includes feature improvements, enhanced content, and more. A Range of Learning Paths to Match Your Goals. Career-Changing, Full-Time Advance your career with GA's rigorous, full-time Immersive programs and skilled career coaches. Skill-Boosting, Part-Time Stay competitive and relevant with focused, flexible learning and dedicated mentors. Classes, Workshops, Events Take part in day, evening, and weekend programs that showcase skills, innovations, and leaders. Learn On Campus and Online Leverage robust learning tools, expert instructors, and a supportive community at each step. A Community of Creators, Innovators, and Employers Connect With Alumni More than 40,000 talented professionals have graduated from our full- and part-time courses. Vast Global Reach Where you are, we are. Forge relationships online or at 20 global locations from NYC to Hong Kong. Exclusive Employer Insight GA has over 10,000 hiring partners and has trained thousands of Fortune 500 employees. Access to A-list Leaders 350,000+ have attended exclusive events featuring visionaries like Richard Branson and Tim Ferriss. [-]

English Training Lounge

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An English language school that you control At English Training Lounge we understand that the modern world does not stop simply because we need it to! This is why ETL offers an English language school that is as flexible as you need it to be. We deliver English language training at a time and location of your choosing! We are not a 9 to 5 English as a second school because we know that life is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We at English Training Lounge are proud to offer… [+] the world an English as a second language school that is literally at your fingertips! English Training Lounge - an English language school for the global classroom. Welcome to wherever you want to be! ABOUT ENGLISH TRAINING LOUNGE Study English at a time and place that suits you Study with an experienced English teacher Connect to a global English learning experience A MESSAGE FROM OUR FOUNDER - DAN NEWTON English Training Lounge came into being in December 2009 as an idea I had to further support vocational ESL students at a college I was teaching at in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. In 2011 English Training Lounge was registered as a limited company and we went from a support group to an English teaching and training school with a global reach. It was clear that the needs of many English language students were not set in stone and that each student had their own particular English learning desires. We put together a number of surveys to find out exactly what type of English teaching and training potential students wanted. The data received showed a large amount of dissatisfaction with traditional ESL learning courses and that a lot of what was taught in the classroom had little to no relevance to the students academic or career pathways. With this information I wanted to design an English language school that was about the learner, offering what they need and wants in order for them to get the most out of their learning experience with us. I knew that ETL had to be as flexible and as varied in its English language teaching and training as the needs of each of our students. In short, we had to be specific in our curricula and offer as many English learning routes as required by all ESL learners. We aim to be the world’s leading online and face to face language School/company and believe the key to success is straightforward training courses that cater to our clients' and learners' needs. Depending on the client's requirements, we can deliver a fully personalized training programme or if needed a more structured, traditional learning pathway - all at a time and place that is convenient for the learner. I hope that all who come to study and train with English Training Lounge have the best experience possible and progress in their English studies to reach their future goals. Daniel Newton - Founder and Director of English Training Lounge, ETL COURSE FEES AND TRAINING BLOCKS Our learning courses a delivered in training blocks of 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 hours with the option to add-on more hours if required. For the Corporate client, we offer a bespoke block of study that is in line with their specific English training needs - (Training block hours depend on the course of study and English requirements). ASK YOURSELF, 'Where do I want to be in life?' English Training Lounge was founded on the principle that the English language will take you further. Further in your personal life, further in your professional life and further in your academic life. The greatest gift England has given to the world is the English language. We believe that everyone has the ability to learn and develop English language skills, or any other language. At ETL we will take you that one step closer to realizing your full potential… welcome to wherever you want to be! HOW IT WORKS The English Training Lounge method of learning gives the learner the ability to speak English in a confident and authentic way. This offers a marked improvement in the learner's listening and comprehension skills. This, in turn, leads to a more fluent and rhythmic English reading ability and pronunciation. LESSONS ETL offers programmes of study that fit easily into anyone's lifestyle. ETL learners connect with our trainers in person or online via a number of conferencing platforms, Skype @etl-english being the most popular. After every 50-minute lesson, the learner follows a checklist of things that they can now do and say in English or choose the language of study. With the trainer's help, the learner starts to highlight and recognize their mistakes and areas of their English/language abilities that need improvement. With the guidance of the ETL, the learner actually starts to discover English or language of study for themselves! [-]

The Princeton Review

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Better Grades. Better Scores. Better Schools. How We Help Students: Test Prep Courses Private Tutoring On-Demand Homework Help Admission Counseling Best Fit College or Grad School Our Mission For more than 30 years we’ve helped students and professionals get into their dream schools. We provide the tools needed for success in high school, college, graduate school and beyond to help our students become well-rounded applicants. Our proven methodology of t… [+] est-taking strategies helps students achieve a guaranteed better score. We offer a range of test prep options, including one-on-one private tutoring, semi-private and traditional classes, and online prep to fit any schedule and learning style. With our on-demand Homework Help and Admission Counseling for college and grad school, we help our students become more than their test score by providing resources for better grades and a stronger application. Our Facts 96% of students say they improved their grades. The Princeton Review is #1 at getting students into top colleges. 4 out of 5 Princeton Review students get into their top-choice school. 6,000 students get help every night from The Princeton Review. [-]

Eton Institute

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Eton Institute is globally recognized as a leader in learning and development solutions, offering Professional Development Training, courses in over 100 Languages and Mobile Learning programs. With a dedicated team of professionals developing highly customized programs, Eton Institute features the most sought-after training methodologies and techniques and is proud to be associated with top international thinkers to successfully provide organizational change for over 2000… [+] clients globally. It offers flexible timings and uniquely tailored courses to suit the learner’s needs. All training is facilitated by highly qualified and experienced instructors, teaching practical skills while maintaining competitive prices for individuals and businesses. All language courses offered by Eton Institute are EAQUALS-accredited and meet Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) standards set by Council of Europe. OUR VISION To lead international communities in achieving a comprehensive choice of communication solutions for a range of cultures and lifestyles. OUR VALUES Professionalism, Innovation, Accountability, Quality, Open Two-Way Communication, Customer Satisfaction, Empowerment, Corporate Social Responsibility. OUR MISSION To continue to offer and develop the complete choice of innovative training solutions, easily accessible to companies and individuals across a range of lifestyles. OUR OBJECTIVES Offer a range of price competitive, flexible and tailored courses to suit learners’ needs, facilitated by highly qualified and experienced instructors. Enrich the network of communities in which we operate. OUR PEOPLE We believe that behind every successful business are talented people driving it forward. At Eton Institute everyone is a family with a shared passion and commitment to excellence. Our dedicated team creates a nurturing learning environment, putting heart into everything they do and bringing that extra special something to our inclusive environment. [-]

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Centre for China Studies

Hong Kong China September 2018

The Centre for China Studies – formerly the Centre for East Asian Studies – is committed to teaching and research in Chinese Studies. Our degree programmes – all conducted in English – aim to equip students with the knowledge and skills to pursue successful international careers involving China. From our undergraduate BA/BSSc in Contemporary China Studies programme to our graduate MA, MPhil, and PhD programmes in Chinese Studies, we are committed to hands-on teaching and lea… [+] rning about China. The Chinese University Library and the University Services Centre hold an extensive collection of ancient and modern Chinese scholarship and count among the best libraries in the world for China Studies. In addition, the Chinese art collection maintained by the Institute of Chinese Studies provides students with up-close contact with historical artefacts and artwork, using the China of yesterday to illuminate the China of today. We believe that our location in Hong Kong provides the ideal environment in which to pursue Chinese scholarship. Hong Kong is a vibrant world city where global cultures meet, mix and mesh. In Hong Kong, traditional Chinese culture comes alive in a contemporary Chinese metropolis. In addition, Hong Kong is the gateway to greater China: Shenzhen – one of the mainland China’s first cities to welcome world investment – is a short 20-minute train ride from our campus. You will discover many exciting opportunities to learn about China with us at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. We hope to see you on campus soon! [-]

Oxademy Business School

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Oxademy Graduate School is a professional and academic education provider located in the city of Oxford, the world’s most renowned learning hub. At Oxademy, we work with an extensive network of educational specialists in Oxford to deliver world-class guided online learning to eligible students. How We Work Our programmes give students everything they need to be successful. This includes a self-discovery programme, critical thinking, leadership and entrepreneurship training, j… [+] ob acquisition coaching, ongoing mentorsjo[, internship opportunities... and of course, an accredited certificate or degree upon graduation. Technology Oxademy's innovative, cutting-edge distance learning platform is based on a proprietary framework (OxABL©) that provides a logical structure for online education. At the root of our programming is a "Human Cognitive System" and an "Instructional Design" that enables us to focus on how learners process information... so we can better engage through synchronous and asynchronous learning methods. We have developed our own e-learning platform (VLE) that adopts several technologies to create a seamless and productive learning experience. Most importantly, our VLE enables us to engage with students (online and offline), keep them motivated, and automatically understand the behaviour of successful students. This is all provided via a cloud-based solution that supports "Mashware” (an intersection of mashups and courseware), LIVE interactive classes, student-teacher interaction, a LIVE student response system, and an Intelligent Learning Pattern Analyser. This is all delivered over the Internet via remote learning. [-]

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Department of English

PhD Hong Kong September 2018

In the Department of English, our primary mission is to provide applied English language studies for the professions, and we aim to be recognised internationally as a leading provider of undergraduate and postgraduate studies focusing on professional communication. Applied English language studies include not only the acquisition of the very high level of English language skills needed to succeed professionally but also a thorough and critical understanding of the English… [+] language and a developed awareness of English communication in multicultural professional contexts. There is a clear need in Hong Kong and internationally for graduates with highly developed knowledge of language and communication, along with critical thinking skills, who are able to contribute to a range of professional and business contexts. No matter whether at undergraduate or postgraduate level, the Department of English is one of Hong Kong's key providers of graduates with the kinds of English communication and language skills and knowledge that are so highly prized by the professions. Our programmes have innovative features that make them very popular with students, their parents and students' eventual employers, and help our students to develop the all-around skills and attributes prized by PolyU and society as a whole. [-]

Henley Business School Asia

Hong Kong September 2018

Henley Business School Asia – the world-class business school in Hong Kong Founded in 1945, Henley Business School was the first business school to be established in the UK and is one of the oldest and most respected schools in Europe. Henley is among an elite group of the top 1% business schools in the world to hold triple-accredited status from the major UK, European and the US awarding bodies (AMBA, EQUIS, AACSB). Henley is widely recognised for its diversity and international r… [+] each with 17 international campuses and offices. Henley’s global presence and reputation as a leading international business school are reflected throughout all aspects of its work. From its highly diverse faculty, in both background and expertise, to programmes which draw participants from more than 150 countries, from an international network of associates and collaborative partners to an alumni organisation featuring more than 56,000 members from every corner of the globe. There has been a Henley presence in Asia since 1985 working with the major companies and their managers to help improve their business and managerial performance. Since that time a generation of senior managers has benefited from the unique qualities of the Henley MBA. In all walks of commercial, academic and governmental life Henley alumni have risen to the top of their professions and delivered effective change, best practice and outstanding performance to their organisations. [-]

Institute of Professional and Executive Management

Hong Kong September 2018

Strathclyde Business School’s triple accreditation status and international rankings place it in the top echelons of global business schools. Our recent accolades include: Triple accredited by AMBA / EQUIS and AACSB Economist’s debut global rankings of Executive MBAs (July 2013). Strathclyde Business School’s MBA was ranked in Switzerland as No.2 (after IMD), in the UK’s business schools top 5 and in the European top 10. Overall Strathclyde was placed 28th out of 62 inte… [+] rnational business schools. 11th in the UK, 25th in Europe and 87th in the world (FT Global MBA Ranking Jan 2013) 8th in the UK, 16th in Europe and 54th in the world (Economist Which MBA Oct 2012) Top 10 in the UK, top 35 in Europe (European Business Schools Ranking, Financial Times, Nov 2010 and 2011 and 2012) The Financial Times Masters in Management ranking –Strathclyde’s MBM programme has been ranked 33rd. Out of only 12 UK schools ranked, we were placed 4th, and were also placed 3rd in terms of careers progression. (FT MiM Ranking Sept 2013) No.6 in the world in Corporate Strategy (FT Global MBA Survey 2013) [-]

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, CUHK Business School

Hong Kong September 2018

Through our unique learning environment, we help form tomorrow's enlightened, global business leaders. From our home in Hong Kong, a gateway from Asia to the world, we impart a dynamic harmony of Chinese perspectives and global practices. 1. Longest Established Asia MBA Program Since 1966, the CUHK MBA has nurtured almost 6,000 alumni, responding to demand with a part-time program launched in 1977 and an EMBA program in 1993. 2. Strong Regional Connections Our leading role… [+] in business education is well represented by partnership programs in the region and over 1,000 alumni working in China. Each year 80-85% of our graduates are placed in Asia. 3. Truly Diverse Class Profile From more than 20 nationalities and a host of industry backgrounds, our students are international business professionals who provide distinct perspectives that enrich in-class interactions. 4. Powerful Career Support Our Career Management Center, led by senior HR executives, facilitates students hone their interests and develop management skills to fulfil Asia career. 5. Pioneering Entrepreneurship Track As the first Hong Kong MBA program with an entrepreneurship concentration, we offer a range of courses that focus on venture capital investment and startups. [-]