Fondazione Collegio Europeo di Parma


Thirty Years of Experience in European Studies

European College of Parma Foundation is a higher education organization that has been active for over thirty years in the field of post-graduate education on EU law, economics and policies.

Education is geared to train students for careers in EU, national and local institutions, professional associations, the corporate world, and private practices. One of the College objectives is to build up professional skills for students to have an insight into European policies and participate in their implementation.

A Bridge Between the Academic World and the European Institutions

The study programme of the European College of Parma is much appreciated at EU level and its faculty includes former top officials from European and national institutions, University Professors and experts in EU issues.

Besides the postgraduate programme leading to the Diploma and University Master in Advanced European Studies, courses and workshops on EU programmes and European Project Management, seminars and training activities on topical EU issues - as well as other specialised training courses on EU law, economics and politics for local bodies (regional government, provinces, municipalities, etc.) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) - have been carried out.

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Founding Members, Sponsors and Scientific Committee

Founding members of the European College of Parma Foundation are the University of Parma, the Parma Entrepreneurs Association and the Chamber of Commerce of Parma.

Besides receiving a special contribution from Fondazione Cariparma, the European College of Parma Foundation includes the following sponsor members: Municipality of Parma, Province of Parma, Emilia-Romagna Regional Authority, and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Scientific Committee of the European College of Parma includes: Nicola Antonetti, Cesare Azzali, Marco Baldassari, Martin Bangemann, Antonio D’Aloia, Etienne Davignon, Jacques Delors, Franco Frattini, Franco Mosconi, Ana Palacio and Romano Prodi.

Studying and Living in a European City

The Foundation is based in the Main Building of The University of Parma, in the city center. Parma is a student-friendly city and it’s ideal to combine education, culture, and leisure. This city is open and easy to live in, and it’s among the most appreciated Italian and European cities.

Data show that Parma is among the leading European cities in terms of quality of life, which does not only equate to wealth but also to social services and accessibility to many cultural events: drama, music, concerts, cinema, libraries, museums, and exhibitions. The city also hosts many important trade fairs and has numerous sports facilities.

As a result of the high number of university students living in Parma, social life is quite active and exciting. Leisure opportunities are endless and diverse. Food is renowned, and “having a meal together” is a social and tasty tradition. The city center is full of wine bars, small “trattorias”, pizza places, pubs, and cafès, which are easily reachable on foot or by bike.



Strada dell'Università,12
43121 Parma, Emilia-Romagna, Italy

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