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Ehime University is located in Matsuyama, which is well-known for Japan’s oldest hot spring, Dogo Onsen, haiku and for being one of the most comfortable and affordable cities in Japan to live. Ehime University is the largest university on Shikoku, one of the four main islands in Japan, and home of world-leading research institutes such as the Center for Marine Environmental Studies (CMES), the Geodynamics Research Center (GRC), the Proteo-Science Center (PROS) and the Research Center of Ancient East Asian Iron Culture.

Ehime University is taking the initiative in the sustainable development of local communities and provides education and research activities which can contribute to society from the global point of view.

Tuition and living expenses

Entrance fee: 282,000 JPY (about 2,800 USD)

Tuition: 535,800 JPY (about 5,300 USD)

*Over 96% of the international students who apply do not need to pay tuition.

Accommodation (rent and utilities): 20,000 to 35,000 JPY (200-350 USD) /month

Daily expenses (food, etc.): 50,000-80,000 JPY (500-800 USD)/ month

Support for International Students

Ehime University has accommodation facilities which can accommodate up to 118 international students, and bicycles are provided to these and other students. Financial support, such as scholarships and tuition exemption, is provided especially for privately funded students. About 90% of the privately funded students at Ehime University benefit from some form of financial support. To facilitate international exchanges, several friendship or volunteer associations, both in and outside the university, hold parties and events on a regular basis, providing international students with many opportunities to communicate with local citizens and learn about Japanese culture. A local NPO provides used household goods for free to Ehime University international students.

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Location address
Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture, 790-8577 JP